What is Wi-Fi 6 / 802.11ax and how will it improve your home Wi-Fi?

During CES 2019 many Wi-Fi networking vendors have been releasing products featuring the new 802.11ax standard which has been given the friendlier name of Wi-Fi 6, but what actually is it and how will it improve your home Wi-Fi? While Wi-Fi is hardly the most interesting of technologies at CES, it is something that many … Read more

Arlo introduces new security camera with 4K and spotlight

Arlo has expanded their range of wireless outdoor security cameras further with the introduction of the Arlo Ultra. The wireless camera features a 4K Ultra HD resolution sensor with high dynamic range (HDR) and comes with a built-in spotlight that can place a bright beam on anyone who moves in front of the device.  As far as … Read more

Netgear Arlo expands range with new Security Light System

Netgear Arlo has been a huge success with its Arlo range of devices, and they are now even breaking it off to be its own business, losing the Netgear branding. Home security cameras do a good job of night-time recording nowadays, but apart from the IR LEDs they don’t really help scare off potential intruders. … Read more