Brilliant light switches into connected home automation hubs: CES 2018

I think this has to be my favourite smart home tech so far at CES this year. The Brilliant light switch/home automation hub, converts and existing light socket into a hub for all your home automation devices. As you would expect one of the primary functions is to control your lights, but the built-in 5” … Read more

BenQ WiT e-Reading Lamp Review

BenQ is mostly known for their affordable LCD monitors, but they also produce other products such as the ZOWIE e-sports peripherals and now a LED lamp specifically designed for e-Reading. It is a pretty niche product, but with the popularity of the Amazon Kindle, it could prove popular. From the BenQ website: BenQ WiT combines … Read more

WisQo Smart Lighting Review

The WisQo system approaches smart lighting a little differently than Hue, or Z-Wave Switches that replace your light switches. Most, if not all, the smart light switches require a 3-wire system which is not always used in UK households. With the WisQo system, it is installed into the light fixture and only requires 2 wires, … Read more