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Nokia Steel HR Review – A Fashionable Wristwatch Style Fitness Tracker Score 79%

Nokia Steel HR Review – A Fashionable Wristwatch Style Fitness Tracker

I have reviewed quite a lot of fitness trackers, and sports watches now, from cheap to expensive. One thing that is common with them is that they are all a bit ugly. The Suunto Spartan is possible the most attractive one I have reviewed; if you don’t mind the sports watch look, none are suitable for formal attire though. Even Fitbits are unattractive, the Alta is your best option, but it is basically a slightly less ugly rubber strap compared to the Charge 2. This is where Nokia hope to carve a niche with their Steel HR range. Functionally...

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FitBit Launch Alta HR – Heart Rate tracking fitness tracker

The Charge HR has been one of the best products from Fitbit so it is no surprise that they want to roll out the heart rate features into the fashioned orientated Alta. The new Alta HR will now have all the important features of the Charge HR but in a smaller package, and actually be cheaper to buy. These include: PurePulse® Heart Rate – Get continuous, wrist-based heart rate tracking & simplified heart rate zones. Smartphone Notifications – See call, text & calendar alerts on display when your phone is nearby. SmartTrack – Automatically recognises select activities and records...

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Rem Fit Non-Wearable Sleep Monitor Review Score 80%

Rem Fit Non-Wearable Sleep Monitor Review

My mattress review might have seemed out of place, but the reason for that was Rem Fit are a new company in the UK that offer both mattresses and sleep monitoring hardware. The Rem-Fit 400 Mattress I reviewed comes with a free sleep monitor, but you can buy it separately for £149.99. Unlike Fitbit, or Axbo, the Rem-Fit monitor does not require you to wear it. It has a flat roll out band that goes underneath your bottom sheet and is fastened in place with a magnetic holder. Unlike competing products, it offers significantly more functionality in terms fo...

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Bose SoundSport Pulse Wireless Headphones Review – Bluetooth Earphones with Heart Rate Monitor (HRM) Score 85%

Bose SoundSport Pulse Wireless Headphones Review – Bluetooth Earphones with Heart Rate Monitor (HRM)

I have reviewed quite a few wireless earphones this year, and most of them have been in the budget end of the market. This week I have been reviewing the new Bose SoundSport Pulse earphones which cost a hefty £169.00 making them one of the most expensive wireless earphones on the market. These are not just your typical sports headphones, though, apart from the Bose name and quality, the SoundSport Pulse include a heart rate monitor, using a small sensor on the left earbud. Bose claim the accuracy of this sensor is comparable to a chest strap, which should...

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Fitbit Charge 2 and Flex 2 Launched

Fitbit released the Charge and Flex 2 years ago, which helped them strengthen their hold on the fitness tracking market even more. But 2 years is a long time in the world of tech and we have seen many new products released since then, which apparently have caused a serious drop in market share for Fitbit. From my own personal experience, the Charge has been plagued with poor build quality, which has no doubt affected their sales. Fitbit hopes to boost their sales with the announcement of the 2 successors, the Charge 2 and the Flex 2. Both devices...

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