EnGenius ECW230S Review: A 4×4 Cloud Managed Indoor Wireless Access Point with WIPS radio and Zero DFS radio detection

The EnGenius ECW230S is the bigger brother of the ECW220S I reviewed at the end of April. Both these access points are designed with additional security features that use WIPS radio and Zero DFS radio detection interfaces which can be used to enhance network security via the AirGuard feature within the EnGenius Cloud interface. The … Read more

EnGenius ECW220S AirGuard Review – A WiFi 6 access point with dedicated security scanning radios

I previously reviewed the EnGenius ECW230 access point in 2020. It was a well-specced mid to high-end AP with a 4×4 radio and 2.5GbE. It was one of the first Engenius products I had reviewed that ditched the ezMaster system for the new Engenius Cloud. The EnGenius ECW220S is a lower specced access point, but … Read more

EnGenius ECW230 WiFi 6 4×4 Access Point Review – Licence-free cloud-managed WiFi 6 access point

I have reviewed a few EnGenius products now and have been impressed with what they have to offer. Recently they have been shifting to a new licence-free cloud-managed approach, compared to the ezMaster/SkyKey that was used with some of my previous reviews. EnGenius Cloud has some significant advantages over competing brands. This is completely licence free … Read more

EnGenius ECS2512FP & ECS2512 affordable multi-gig POE switches announced with 2.5Gbps & 10GbE SFP+

This new bypassed me a couple of days ago, but EnGenius has recently announced two new multi-gig switches that they claim will be affordable. With EnGenius being a business focussed company, the definition of affordable may be different from what home and SOHO users class as affordable, so we will have to wait and see. … Read more

The Best Access Points for Business and Home Use in 2020

I have waxed lyrical about the benefits of mesh Wi-Fi systems for home users this year. When I first implemented a mesh system it resolved all the issues with black spots around my home and avoided the issues of running multiple routers from different brands. As much as I love mesh Wi-Fi, on the constant … Read more

EnGenius SkyKey & EAP1250 Compact Indoor Access Point Review – EnGenius take on Ubiquiti with subscription-free cloud network management

I am a big fan of cloud-managed networks, it massively simplifies managing everything related to a network. While my experience with it has been within the home and small business, for anyone managing a larger network, cloud networking has the potential to save hundreds of hours of work. I have previously reviewed Zyxel Nebula and … Read more