Aktiia 24-7 Optical Blood Pressure Monitoring System Now Available – Offering similar features to the Valencell calibration-free, cuff-less blood pressure monitoring technology

[Update] Aktiia have confirmed they have no relation to the Valencell, and the Valencell technology seems to be some way off being consumer-ready. After spending most of my twenties being unhealthy I am quite paranoid about heart health. In the UK 63% of people are overweight and 28% obese, so most people should be concerned … Read more

Withings BPM Connect Review – Keep track of your blood pressure trend

Following on from my review of the excellent Withings Body Cardio scales, I have also been reviewing the Withings BPM Connect. Covid-19 With the Covid-19 pandemic, it has been identified that people overweight are more at risk from the infection. This has led the Government to start a new campaign to help the nation lose … Read more