Amazon Prime Day 2020 – One month before Black Friday, on 13th & 14th October with £10 voucher if you buy from a small business in the next 2 weeks.

Due to the issues faced with Covid, the annual Amazon Prime Day(s) was not run on the usual date in April this year. Amazon has no confirmed the official date for 2020 is  13th & 14th October, which feels a little excessive knowing that Black Friday is just 6 weeks later, with Amazon often starting … Read more

Amazon Prime Day – The best deals of the day – Save £100 on Echo Show and £30 on Amazon Echo

Amason Prime Day is finally upon us. Amazon’s attempt at creating a Black Friday in the middle of the year while also boosting its prime memberships. No wonder it now owns 49% of all the e-commerce market in the US. It doesn’t officially start for a few more hours but I will update this post as and … Read more