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WiZ is a smart lighting brand I haven’t paid much attention to in the past. They are owned by Signify, who also owns the Philips Hue brand, and WiZ appears to be positioned as a more affordable alternative to Philips Hue.

A good example of this is a pair of warm white GU10 spotlights from Hue that will set you back around £35, whereas you can pick up a three-pack of 2700K-6500K WiZ G2 TW + Dimming GU10 for the same price.

WiZ lights don’t require a hub as they use Wi-Fi + Bluetooth, making the system a bit cheaper and easier to roll out.

WiZ is now expanding its product range with a variety of ceiling lights, light bars and other lighting products.

WiZ Mobile Portable lamp Light on the go

wiz mobile lamp 1

The new WiZ Mobile Portable lamp is ideal for lighting up any room of the house or any occasion. With its endless combinations of soft light and colourful gradients, the lamp is the ideal choice to turn any space into all kinds of special. It also has a dual-zone design that creates a beautiful gradient ombré colour effect with Dynamic Light Modes, allowing users to choose between two different light colours and creating an atmospheric ambience. The lamp can be controlled using a voice assistant and features a touch panel for quick control: pre-set modes and dimming features to set the mood. And thanks to the soft handle for a comfortable grip, the light can be carried anywhere – safely and easily. The lamp is perfect for an intimate dinner, illuminating the reading nook or even a bedside lamp!

Bar Linear – Light To light up small spaces with ease

Linear Bar 1

The Bar Linear Light is a slim bar that radiates plenty of colours and is easy to fit in small spaces – it offers the best of versatility and flexibility. You can tilt it on one of its sides to adjust the light angle and if you prefer a longer light, connect a second bar to double the effect. The light is the right choice to add playfulness to any space in the house – be it highlighting home décor or your collections on a display cabinet or bookshelf.

Rune Ceiling Light

Rune Ceiling Lamp 1

A new addition to the WiZ range, the Rune Ceiling Light is the sleek and stylish luminaire that fits any interior style to add a splash of colour to any room. The light combines style with utility to get the right ambience for focus or to relax with tunable warm to cool white light. It is easy to achieve the exact right light to suit every moment with its large diffuser zone that can be adjusted from a for cool bright light to a cosy warm ambient white light. The product distinctively features a hover-like colour ring halo on the ceiling, achieving a delightful decorative effect.

WiZ SuperSlim Ceiling Light

wiz superslim ceiling light

Another addition to the range is the WiZ SuperSlim Ceiling Light that is shaped in a slim circular and changes colour from a cool blue to a warm yellow – all with in-built light recipe and dimming. Its large, circular light surface floods any room with cool blue light to promote alertness and concentration and dims into a soft and warm color to help you relax, ensuring day to day tasks are well supported with the right lighting.

Philips Smart LED lamps Connected by WiZ

The latest product range introduced also includes Philips Smart LED lamps Connected by WiZ to make the range more luminous, bright and colourful. These lamps are controlled with the same WiZ app and fully compatible with the WiZ branded products. The Full Colour P45 is a compact form factor that fits perfectly in small fixtures and table lamps. The lamp is a great choice to light up your living room with colour for a get-together or leave a light on at low intensity for night-time. Another addition is the High Lumen A80 lamp that offers 2452 extra high lumen, equivalent to 150W. Ideal for ceiling pendant and floor light fixtures, allowing you to engage in your tasks and relaxing activities with light routines that change light intensity and colour for you.

Imageo Spotlight Square

Imageo Ceiling Lamp 2

The Imageo Spotlight Square refreshes any room with highlights and colour. It has four built-on spots, a modern ceiling base and plenty of power to flood your room in all directions with light and colour. With an adjustable head and spot beam to easily cover all sides of your room, the built-on Spots fixture helps you choose the perfect light scene for every activity!

WiZ Portable Button – Taking control in your hands

wiz portable button

The latest new accessory, the WiZ Portable Button, also stands for speed and comfort, which can be used as a kind of portable light switch and is therefore particularly suitable for people who want to limit themselves to the basic possibilities of smart lighting. The WiZ portable button sends wireless command/communicate directly with your lights without going through your Wi-Fi router, so it would work even when your home Wi-Fi is down. Just stick it on the wall with the included wall plate, or to your fridge or any metal surface as it comes with a magnet embedded in the back.

At WiZ, we continue to innovate and expand the range to offer products that deliver on the expectations customers have from smart lighting. Innovations including the Portable Button, the Rune ceiling lights and the Mobile lamps, coupled with an easy-to-set up eco system, ensure that users reap the full benefits of the features while adding a style quotient to the daily. The launches today respond to the growing popularity of portable, indirect and smart lighting with new, versatile products, and we are excited about the many possibilities for our customers. – commented Giuliano Ghidini, Commercial Leader UKI, Signify

WiZ’s reliable ecosystem comes with a user-friendly app and plug-and-play devices that work via existing Wi-Fi networks. This easy-to-use technology improves daily life and complements users’ homes, making all-connected smart lighting more accessible.

Price and Availability

All products will be available in the UK from August 1, 2022. Pricing listed below:

  • WiZ Rune Ceiling Lamp UK RRP £129.99
  • IMAGEO WiZ Spots 4 heads UK RRP £134.99
  • SuperSlim WiZ Ceiling UK RRP from £49.99 to £89.99
  • WiZ Bar Linear Light – dual pack UK RRP £79.99
  • WiZ Bar Linear Light – single pack UK RRP £44.99
  • WiZ portable lamp UK RRP £79.99
  • Philips LED Range:
    • Full Lumen A80 UK RRP £27.99
    • Full-Colour P45 UK RRP £14.99

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