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I am currently in the process of writing a guide for the best way to automatically back up Google Photos.

So far, the most user-friendly solution has been MultCloud.

MultCloud is a cloud management platform that allows users to transfer, sync, and backup files between multiple cloud storage services from one centralized interface. It supports over 30 major cloud storage providers, including Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Amazon S3, and more.

MultCloud 200GB Data Traffic for Lifetime Giveaway

They have been kind enough to offer my readers a free account with 200 GB of data traffic plus all the advanced features for 1 year which MultCloud values at $25.

The 200GB has no time limit but once the data is used up you will need to upgrade the account.

While there are free accounts normally available, these are limited to 5GB free data traffic per month and just 2 threads for data transfer. The premium accounts can do 10 threads for data transfer and you can also schedule transfer/sync/backup.

Black Friday Discounts

MultCloud Black Friday

MultCloud currently has an excellent Black Friday deal on with two offers:

MultCloud Yearly Unlimited for $99, reduced from $299 which gives unlimited Cloud-to-Cloud Data Traffic

MultCloud Lifetime Unlimited for $189 reduced from $628 which has united cloud traffic for life.

MultCloud Features

Cloud File Transfer

MultCloud makes it easy to transfer files between different cloud storage services without having to download and reupload files. You can:

  • Directly copy, move or migrate files from one cloud to another using copy and paste or the “Cloud Transfer” feature
  • Upload files to the cloud by simply entering a link instead of uploading from your device
  • Filter files by extension when transferring to only copy necessary file types

Transfers continue in the background even when your browser is closed.

Cloud Sync & Backup

MultCloud enables one-way or two-way sync between folders in different cloud storage services in real-time. You can also schedule automatic syncs at custom intervals.

It also allows you to backup files from one cloud drive to another. You can restore lost files from a saved backup version. Backups use incremental copying to save storage space.

Cloud File Manager

When you connect your cloud storage accounts to MultCloud, you can access and manage all files from one centralized dashboard. You can easily preview, download, upload, rename, copy, cut and paste files much like in Windows Explorer.

Storage Services Supported by MultCloud

MultCloud connects to over 30 major cloud storage providers including:

  • Google Drive
  • Dropbox
  • OneDrive
  • Box
  • Amazon S3
  • FTP
  • WebDAV

And many more.

Google Photos Automatic Backup

Google Photos

MultCloud provides a specialized tool to automatically back up your Google Photos library to another cloud storage provider for redundancy.

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