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I have reviewed some fantastic and expensive headphones over the past couple of years, but if your budget is constrained then, the Mixcder HD901 could be worth considering. At around £15 these over the head Bluetooth wireless earphones are surprisingly good.

One unusual feature you don’t see on most other headphones is the microSD card slot allowing these to function as an independent music player.

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HD901 Features:

  • Bluetooth wireless – pairs with cell phones up to 33 feet.
  • Wired with included 3.5mm audio cable – does not use battery time when in wired mode.
  • TF card slot music player for MP3 music.
  • Precision-engineered dual 40mm drivers.
  • Advanced CSR chip delivers high definition, smooth, balanced mid-range, and clear dynamic music.
  • HD sound.
  • Superior bass.
  • Extra lightweight at only 5 ounces.
  • Comfortable soft sponge ear muffs.
  • Adjustable headband.
  • Foldable space-saving design: rotates 90° in for easy carrying and storage.

Design and Build

These have a similar design and overall build quality as other affordable headphones I have reviewed such as the August EP650, though they are more than double the price. The earphones have an all plastic build with a foldable headband. The earpieces are PVC coated memory foam and they feature a 40mm driver.

The controls are located on the left earcup and this is also where you will find a microSD slot to play MP3 files directly. There is also a 3.5mm jack allowing you to use these in wired mode.

The overall build quality feels a bit cheap, but that is to be expected for earphones at this price. They are, however very light, making them comfortable to wear for extended periods of time.

Sound Quality

Sound quality is good for the price, as long as you have realistic expectations and don’t think they will sound as amazing as the Blue Sadie.

There is a very prominent bass, depending on what you are listening too this can be beneficial, especially with hip hop and electronica. However, it is a little unbalanced, vocals suffer a little and sound a little muffled. Similarly, mids can sound a little lost. The overall sound profile is enjoyable enough, but these are certainly not reference headphones.

Due to their lightweight nature, I was happy to use them for several hours in an office environment.


These are some of the cheapest headphones on the market, which makes any criticism of them a bit moot. They do, however, sound better than their price suggests and are perfectly usable for anyone other than audio snobs. They are obviously not going to perform as well as many of the headphones I have reviewed, but if you are on a budget, then you can do a lot worse than these. I would say they are on par with the August EP650 which are double the price, and I still think £30 is exceptionally affordable for headphones.

The foldable design, lightweight body and ultra-affordable price tag makes these a good choice for commuters, you can throw them in your bag without worrying about them too much.

You can buy these headphones on eBay via the live price links below or for US users direct from Miccder here.

Mixcder HD901 Review


Some of the cheapest over the head Bluetooth wireless headphones on the market, yet they sound quite good.

  • Overall - 75%

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