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The Snipping tool is a built-in utility on Windows that allows users to easily take screenshots of their screen. Unfortunately, the Snipping tool is not available on Mac by default. However, there are several alternative ways to take screenshots on a Mac, including built-in screenshot app functionality.  

How to take a screenshot on your Mac

mac take screenshot key combo diagram

One of the simplest ways to take a screenshot on a Mac is to use keyboard shortcuts. To take a screenshot of the entire screen, press Command + Shift + 3.

How to capture a portion of the screen

mac snipping tool key combo diagram

To take a screenshot of a specific portion of the screen, press Command + Shift + 4, and then select the area you want to capture. The screenshots will be saved to the desktop by default.

Set a timer for screenshots

This is a handy feature that can prevent you from capturing unwanted parts of the screen, such as the cursor.

If you need to set a timer for a screenshot, follow these steps:

  • Press Shift – Command – 5
  • Select Options
  • Set Timer to either None, 5 Seconds, or 10 Seconds

Screenshot app shortcuts:

  • Shift > Command > 3
  • Shift > Command > 4
  • Shift > Command > 4 > Spacebar
  • Shift > Command > 6 (for Touch Bar MacBooks)
  • Shift > Command > 5 (new for macOS Mojave and above)

Mac OS X Grab utility to take screenshots

Another way to take a screenshot on a Mac is to use the built-in Grab utility. This is available on older versions of macOS and was replaced by the screenshot app with versions above macOS Mojave (10.14).

If you are using an older version, this can be found in the Applications > Utilities folder. With Grab, you can take screenshots of the entire screen, a specific window, or a selected area.

Best 3rd party apps for screenshots

Flameshot screenshot mac

I am personally a Windows user, as much as I like the snipping tool on Windows, I prefer alternative apps. I love ShareX on Windows. Many people regard the best Mac alternative is Flameshot, which is both free and Open Source.

Before using ShareX, I used Greenshot, which is available on the Mac and an app I can strongly recommend.

There are many other options available for download such as Lightshot, Skitch, and Monosnap. These apps often offer additional features like annotation, cropping, and image editing tools.

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