Black Friday Deals – 20/11/2018 – 500GB Samsung 970 EVO NVMe £89.99, Nintendo Switch £249

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We are not half way through the week and I am suffering from shopping fatigue with all the Black Friday deals. I just wish an excellent PS4 Pro deal will land soon!


Amazon Warehouse Deals – 20% off

Finding something that is actually a good buy can be difficult with Amazon Warehouse, the prices are all over the place. In the past, I have picked up an amazing buy on a Corsair PSU and a Garmin 520. You get 30 days to return and warranty so just make sure everything is working OK when it arrives.

Nintendo Switch – £249

Cheapest it has ever been, I am very tempted to buy one but can't justify the cost after all the other things I have bought.

Amazon Echo Spot – £89.99

Cheapest it has ever been, but still a little pricey for my liking. If you want something more discrete than the Show or Google alternatives then this is it.

Nvidia SHIELD TV – £129.99

Everyone that has one loves it, it is one of the best media players on the market, and can stream games from your PC. Cheapest it has ever been.

Samsung  970 EVO 500GB NSVMe SSD – £89.99

Everyone says you can't tell the difference between the load times of an NVMe and a SATA SSD, but I can't help but be lured in by those performance numbers, and I have finally pulled the trigger on this. If I was a little richer I would have got the 1TB version for £175

Other Retailers

VULCAN T-FORCE 16GB (2X8GB) 3000Mhz – £99.99 + delivery

A few years ago this would have been an insane price for DDR4, but now it is an absolute bargain, and we are finally seeing DDR4 drop back down to semi-affordable prices

Xbox One X + Battlefield V + Battlefield 1 + Player Unknown's Battlegrounds £360.50 @ Amazon Spain

Make sure you use a good currency card like Revolut or Halifax Clarity to get the best price. This is a great price, I would be tempted myself but not overly interested in those games.

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