Wink Bingo has the best sign up bonus. No deposit newbies room with prizes of up to £900

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Bingo Halls used to be associated with the older generation, but in the past decade, the game has seen a new generation of fans adopting the game, even though bingo halls are in decline, with just 650 in the UK now.

Up north, at least, the physical game of Bingo has been transformed into something of an event with sell-out audiences to the booze-infused Bongo Bingo which is an outrageous combination of a captivating live show, an all-inclusive party and heads-down game of bingo.

Bingo has also been adopted by the online market, along with slots, these games have a low skill entry level which makes them appealing to new players. Online bingo is one of the fastest growing markets in the industry with 22% increase in people playing Bingo on their mobile phones between April 2013 and March 2014, and there are an estimated 3.5 million online bingo players in the UK.

The basics of all bingo games, including online bingo, are simple and include matching the numbers on a card with those called by the game. This easy-to-understand gameplay is probably one of the biggest reasons why this game has gained such popularity since it first appeared.

There are usually 15 numbers on three lines. For physical bingo the caller at the front shouts the numbers, then if you’re the first person to mark off all your numbers, you win. With online bingo, they use a random number generator.

Bingo is obviously a gambling game; you pay per sheet for a chance to win, you should always gamble responsibly and only bet what you can afford. If you are interested in trying out online bingo or perhaps want to maximise your winnings, then Wink Bingo is one of the few sites that offers an entirely free online bingo game to win real money.

For new players only, you can sign up with no deposit and access their Newbies room for the 3 days where you can win up to £900 in bingo bonuses.

Plus, once you’ve made your 1st deposit with us you’ll be eligible for a further FIVE FREE bingo rooms where you can win bonuses and CASH prizes.

As always, with sign up bonuses there are conditions, you can’t play for free and then just withdraw your winnings. To be able to access them you will need to wager 2x the amount of bonus funds.

Once you have finished in the newbies' room you will be required to make a deposit before you can access the other free games, but there are still plenty of other free options once you have done this.

This includes the free tenners room with £20 bonus every hour then there is a weekly £1000 free bingo game for anyone that has deposited in the previous 7 days and it plays every Monday.

There is even a free for all room, you require some money in your account but actually playing in this room is free. In each game, you have the chance to win £1-£2 in Bingo Bonus funds!

Like all games of this king, Wink will play on almost any device with access to a browser, there is an android app and a iOS version, and this will run on anything from a £100 budget phone all the way up to the latest flagships.

Overall, if you enjoy bingo just for the sake of playing bingo then Wink Bingo appears to offer some of the best options for low cost or free gaming.