Why You Should Use Your Smartphone for Online Casinos

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Playing online casino games on mobile is surging in popularity, more so now thanks to the latest advancements in technology. Mobile casinos offer convenience and a more relaxed style of play, opposed to a bricks-and-mortar casino where not only do you need to get dressed up, but you need to venture out to enjoy any sort of action. We as a nation have gone from using our mobiles to play video games to playing slots and casino games and playing casino games on a mobile phone is a must for those of you who have limited time to play.

Desktop computers may offer a more immersive experience in terms of a bigger screen but accessing games via this method requires you to be sat in the same position – at your desk, whereas a mobile can be pulled out of your pocket literally anywhere – from the garden to the daily commute! Providing you have a reliable internet connection; your smartphone will allow you to dip in and out whenever the mood takes you.

Pros and Cons of Smartphone Casino Access

The biggest advantage is convenience. No longer will you have to exit a game because you need to leave your computer desk – you can take your games with you anywhere! This is especially handy when it comes to hourly jackpot games where the progressive jackpot is guaranteed to be won within the hour – every hour!

Smartphone casinos are designed with the player in mind; they’re easy to navigate and offer everything you could possibly want at a touch of a finger! No longer will you need to log in with your username and password ether thanks to smartphone ID technology. Now accessing your favourite casino games online is faster than ever thanks to fingerprint and facial recognition! One press or one look at the camera will log you in where you can start playing immediately.

Everything you could possibly want in an online casino is in one handy (pun-intended!) place; from live casino games to instant wins. Megaways slots are proving to be hugely popular with the smartphone casino players, especially given that there are between 117,649 and 1,000,000 ways to win per spin! And talking of winning, epic cash prizes can be won on mobile as well as desktops! Back in 2017, a massive €8,012,153.36 was won by a smartphone casino player and the best bit – he was only playing the minimum bet of €0.25!

The Best Mobile Apps offer exclusive promotions and offers just for smartphone users, some casinos offer this when playing on mobile directly via the browser on your phone too, but which is best? Find out here. Downloading the app may take a few minutes (depending on how good your internet speeds are!), but it offers more of a tailored gaming experience compared to playing through your phone’s browser. Not only do you have your smartphone menu in the way, but you’ll also have the windows tabs open, meaning less of a gaming screen for your favourite games.

With smartphones costing as much as they do, audio and graphics tend to be far more superior than standard desktop computers, and sometimes, it’s almost a little too realistic. Live casino games provide a real casino floor experience without having to step foot outside your home and there’s even a chat community allowing you to interact with live dealers and the other players around your virtual table.

Disadvantages include some games not being mobile optimised, only, finding a slot game or casino game that isn’t mobile compatible these days is rare. Another disadvantage is rotation – you may find you need to rotate your device to landscape mode and by doing this, your phone’s menu may appear and cover certain aspects of your game. Take the latest iPhones for example, the floating menu bar housed to the lower of the screen partially covers the control panel in landscape mode, meaning you may not know how much money you have left or how much you’re winning! One of the biggest disadvantages is you need an internet connection to access casino games on smartphone, and sometimes when you’re out and about, there may not be any.

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