Online gambling is a multibillion dollar industry that doesn’t show any signs of stopping any time soon. Instead of having to drive out to a brick and mortar casino and contend with all of the different things they are designed to suck every last dollar out of you, people are more than content with opening up a new tab on their web browser and closing it when they need to get back to real life.

Besides online sports betting, online slots are one of the most popular forms of online gambling for its ease of use and engaging sights and sounds. It’s a simple way to let a bit of your life be determined by raw luck and chance, so why not, right? As long as you keep your losses at a level you can live with, there’s really no harm in putting a few bucks in and seeing what happens.

Much like just about everything else on the internet, online slots are constantly evolving, and here’s what you should expect in 2019:

Mobile optimized gaming

The problem with online slots in the past is that once you booted them up on your smartphone for a quick spin while you’re out and about is that the sites hadn’t anticipated smartphone users and you were left with a buggy experience and seldom the ability to have the entire slot machine in the frame while you play.

Now online casinos have fully immersive mobile platforms, if is any indication of this. The smartphone is replacing the computer for a lot of tasks that involve browsing to even higher level functions for business people, it only makes sense that online casinos have started to get with the times.

The rise of bitcoin

Trends For Online Slots Industry 1

Ever since the 2017 bitcoin all time high of nearly $20,000 US, interest in the cryptocurrency has been consistent and nothing short of fervent. While there has been a bust since then and a lot of tumultuousness in the market, it’s showing signs of levelling off and beginning another cycle of boom-bust.

Online casinos want to take advantage of this while bitcoin is still low, and so do gamblers. The idea is that if you purchase bitcoin at a low price and then end up accruing lots of it before the next major boom, your investment will have appreciated significantly. Essentially, it’s kind of a gamble on top of a gamble, but the rewards are worth the risks to many people.

Increased security measures

The average player won’t notice these, but that’s kind of the point. With all of the high profile security breaches of even major companies that were thought to be highly reputable, online casinos are doing everything in their power to protect their data and the data of their customers. Nobody wants to sign up for a website that routinely has its credit card database stolen, now do they?

Online gambling isn’t going anywhere, in fact, it grows year after year with more and more people deciding a few bucks here and there can’t do much harm. With the ease that comes with having an online casino on your phone, it’s just a matter of time until someone you know has an online gambling app on around you. Luckily, they’re keeping up with the times and online slots are just one of the many things that are remaining as relevant as ever.

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