Top 5 Technologies That Have Made Online Casinos Popular In Canada

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Growing faster than anyone could think when online venues first appeared in the late 1990s, the online gambling industry now relies on a combination of proven tools and new tech that enabled a complete revamp of the scene. Players’ requirements and expectations are higher than ever, and online casinos have taken giant steps to introduce them with a new gadget. We bring you top 5 technologies that will dramatically improve your online experience.

Virtual Reality

When it appeared, VR was pricey and played hard to get, but the price drop allowed a regular gamer to walk in his/her favorite establishment, play a game, talk with a croupier, and engage with other players. The only thing you can’t do with goggles and a headset is to get a complimentary drink from a hostess, but this can be easily done by pouring a cup from your cabinet since the entire action takes place from your home. The story of gaming venues completes with LeafletCasino where you can read reviews of the best online casinos for your quality experience.

In addition to entertainment and best online casino games, VR has several practical uses. It can be used to explore inaccessible locations on Earth – for example, in combination with Google StreetView, you'll be able to virtually visit any place you can think of. It is already used in architecture to test a project before construction. There is a very high probability that almost anyone who owns a console or gaming computer will also have a virtual-reality headset.

The concept is closely related to augmented reality (AR) as the next logical step. AR allows users to view the real environment, but with images that they would use as instructions or guides to perform a task. It is widely used in video games and it’s a matter of time when this tech will enter the world of online gambling technology.

Artificial Intelligence or AI

For years, popular culture has introduced various depictions and personifications of AI. Thus, science fiction is trying to touch as much as possible the issues that have been the topic of debate for decades: the possibility of creating an artificial mind, a machine that works and, more importantly, reacts as a human or intellectual being.

When implemented in online casinos offering, AI can learn your behaviour, scan patterns of your actions, and monitor your online gaming to prevent any issue. Equally important, the AI technology in casinos can track ongoing bonuses and promotions to suggest the most suitable according to lessons learned earlier.

Speaking of which, you can read the casino Kingdom review and discover the latest opportunities before AI takes the job from you. From the casinos standpoint, it can replace or enhance a support team granting immediate and comprehensive assistance on any given subject. Surely, improving your experience is implied.

Mobile Casinos

The same way we use mobile devices for communication, we use them for entertainment purposes. Smartphones were traveling a bumpy road full of obstacles and failure experiments to reach the point they currently have. Today, any Android or iPhone user can chat freely with peers, play online games, pay for goods and services, and claim winnings while on the go.

Along with the creativity of an army of programmers and software-savvy engineers, we can also say thanks to HTML5, a relatively new yet far-reaching tech that enabled so many features working flawlessly on your palmtop. Mobile gaming, next to other technologies in the gambling industry, comes with thousands of new followers on a daily level and will surely become an integral part of any punter’s everyday life.

Software providers such as Net Entertainment, Real Time Gaming, and International Gaming Technology are surely amongst the most prominent houses that every gaming technology mobile user in Canada can spell in the middle of the night. Thanks to them, mobile gaming technology emerged from an exotic pastime into a prime-time gaming experience.

Live Casino

When talking about a new gaming software online casinos started to use, the live dealer technology is surely among the pioneers. Introduced almost two decades ago, its popularity seems to never fade since software providers tend to offer even more attractive games and crossovers. Everything started with a real croupier-hosted version of roulette, blackjack, baccarat, and poker that best online casinos offered to their gamers to play.

Considered the top technology at the moment when it emerged, this has made a huge impact on the scene and Canada has still a strong community of people who enjoy matching skills with the like minded in traditional best casino games.

Today, when considering what online casinos have to offer, such games are almost inevitable, especially good crossovers. Without any doubt, Dream Catcher is an incredible technology casino game and has inspired its creators to come up with equally attractive Football Studio, Deal or No Deal, and Monopoly.

Cryptocurrency Casino

Cryptocurrencies are no longer an unknown term. They are increasingly used and mentioned in public, especially the first and the most famous cryptocurrency in the world. Its value has grown significantly over the past year, so the lucky ones who timely secured their Bitcoin stock today are very likely millionaires.

Whether cryptocurrencies will eventually replace the hitherto known currencies is almost impossible to answer. Yet they should not be seen as a distant future. How close and present they are to our society is proven by the fact that there are as many as possible coffee shops where you can pay in cryptocurrencies.

In any case, cryptocurrency investments are both wise and prudent and your real money will definitely not be useless. More and more modern companies and online venues offer cryptocurrencies as preferred payment options based on blockchain technology. Whether you will get rich is hard to say, since, as has been said – the crypto market is subject to changes and variations in value.


The digital age has opened the door to many inventions and casino technology is growing rapidly today, along with new features and applications. But there are also those old inventions, unfulfilled dreams of many scientists, who rely on the possibility that this explosive growth in innovation opens the door to something that would fundamentally change everyday life.

New casino technology trends bring a series of more competitive resources for both casino players and casino operators. While meeting their requirements, they also affect the market making it versatile and more engaging and appealing. When combined with other novelties such as cloud gaming technology, they leave more than a single choice for Canadian players to enjoy and experience.

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