The Technology behind a Live Dealer Online Casino

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Online casinos have always been at the forefront of digital innovations to bring their clients to the table, and they utilize resources in advanced technology to make that happen. Setting up and running the live dealer online gaming requires an intricate technological process that is put together by different providers. The resources that make live dealer online casino gaming such titillating to punters palates include;

  • Web streaming cameras

A live dealer online casino game won't be possible if it's not video streamed to players at remote locations, and web streaming cameras are a vital component of this procedure. While computers and smartphones link the live dealer game to punters on an internet connection, a good camera is essential for the game's interactive functionality. The average online casino setup features three angles of view for the real place table and gambling setting, the dealer and the players you are competing against.

  • A computer or a smartphone

Though this is the underlying technology for any online casino foray, live dealer gaming requires a modern device that supports smoother graphics reception and fast display capabilities. To handle the streamed high definition feeds on your PC, phone, or tablet; a powerful CPU, operating system, and graphics software or hardware are vital for instant data downloads from the online casino's server.

A stable internet connection is also crucial to reducing game lagging or latency which can prove detrimental to your chances.

  • Streaming Software

There's a special kind of streaming software used by online casinos to give their players high-speed streams without lags or latency, and also without using a lot of your computer CPU power. Gaming software for live dealer online casino games are specially designed for gamers with features that include recording games, or streaming feeds to other websites such as YouTube or Twitch. 

  • Game Control Unit or GCU

For the online casino to support multi-player participation in their live dealer games, it's essential that they have a great game control unit. This device converts or encrypts feeds from the online casino's server, which it sends to your machine electronically and is encoded in a super-fast duration.

This ensures that games are not relying on large data bandwidths, which can affect latency and lead to impaired play.

  • The Dealer’s Monitor

Since the online live dealer is human, the monitor they use comes in handy for directing the remote-based players while seeing their actions, such as making bets or raising their stakes. With a good dealers monitor, the live game is in control, and some setups enable a player to view the other punters. 

  • Optical Camera Recognition

This software can be integrated into the live dealer online casino set up to enable the recording of every minute happening in the gaming room. By transferring optical into electronic data, the optical camera recognition technology captures the entire play process, just like used in land-based casino security.

  • Digitized Casino Wheels

Since the live dealer online casino games reflect a setup of the real thing, real tables, machines, and wheels are often used. However, to ease play and for transparency's sake, the roulette wheels in a live dealer online casino are digitized to transmit scores for the remotely based players automatically. This makes it easier for the punter to view the results and also keep personal score records.

  • Cloud server storage

Servers for feed storage and security systems are an integral part of live dealer online casino gaming, and temporary data is available to players via cloud servers. Newer online casinos that offer live dealer games employ cloud storage helping the efficient and quicker transmission of data. Security protocols in cloud servers and advanced solutions are employed by online casinos to ensure live dealer games are secure from hacking.

  • Instant messaging software

Establishing quick communication channels between a live dealer from the online casino’s location with players in relatively far off places is vital and is offered in accordance to the type of game being played. The live chat function of an IM tool designed for online casino dealer gaming offers enhanced controls of the game and interaction advantages with trendy touch or digital technology integrations.

Technology’s influence on the fluency of live dealer online casino games

The technology that makes an online dealer casino game comes live and stream fluently is due to the necessary components of its structure, which includes sophisticated design. The setup quality of a live dealer online casino game can be affected by the software or hardware advancement and lack thereof of the technology in place, and casinos have used it as a critical conversion indicator.

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