The Secret to Slots

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Who is a typical online casino customer? Who plays slots? These are people who hope to solve their problems at the expense of the gaming establishment. That is, to make a deposit and win – to make easy money. Catch the bonus and withdraw. But how to do that. You need to know some secrets to online slots to win.

Before we start, it is worth noting that the most important secret is the ability to play free slot games to play for fun. Use it to the maximum to save money and enjoy the game of chance.


To win money, as in any business, a strategy is needed. Successfully playing without is extremely difficult. The creators of the software of any slot constitute a mathematical model of the device, which leaves little to no chance of being in the black.

It is known that a person playing in online casinos must solve more or less complex tasks and often develop a new strategy for the game. Therefore, it is necessary for the gambler to form the ability to solve issues in an extremely short period of time and in conditions of great emotional stress.

The difficulty here is as follows. At the disposal of the player, there is no complete knowledge of all possible situations that can occur when playing slots. Therefore, no matter how many tricks and methods of action a gamer knows, he can always get into such a situation in which all known tricks will be unsuitable and may even interfere. Therefore, when playing slots in online casinos, it is necessary to form some general mechanism of the game. (The game mechanism implies certain rules, for example, to leave after a big win from the slot, since it has already “empty.”)

Game mechanism

The most optimal mechanism is to leave at the local peak, that is when there will be a win. Winning will be a violation of dispersion, and in accordance with the mathematical model of the slot, a loss will follow.

In any case, the mechanism of the game in slots is based on the theory of trial and error. Its essence is in the excessive exaggeration of the role of random, blind search as a mechanism of the game. In this case, successful gaming essentially boils down to a chain of tries, and this process is supposedly “blind”. Purposefulness and foresight are unusual for it. The solution comes when in the process of searching “blindly” encounters a successful solution. The trial-and-error method or its expression is the search for variants continues to play a big role in the mechanism of the game.

Top secret gambling tips for beginners

1.    After registration in an online casino, carefully read the section on rules. Careful examination of the set of rules will save you from major financial losses. Even when you learn to win, do not forget to occasionally look in the rules section.

2.    If you decide to register in an online casino, choose the resource where the most profitable bonus system. Pay attention to those casinos that double the first deposit and those casinos that offer to make the first bets for free. There are hundreds of online casinos on the Internet. Give your preference to the institution that has already a good reputation. Bypass those casinos about which there are no positive reviews on the Web. That will also help you save money.

3.    A beginner should play on that money that will not be a big loss for the family budget. You should never play for money in the hope that you are about to be given a salary. You only need to play for real and small money. Remember that the game is addictive.

4.    If you win, withdraw money from an online casino and do not make bets using the money just won. In most cases, if the win is immediately spent on new games, this money is lost. If you managed to win, make a request for a withdrawal, until you get the winnings, and try not to play.

5.    Do not try to win your money back. If you lose and immediately try to rematch, all this will happen on emotions and will inevitably lead to new losses. Two losses in one game in a row is another reason to distract from the games and do something else. The online casino will not run away from you.

6.    Try not to chase round numbers. You can win $289, or you can lose 300. As soon as the amount on your deposit goes to zero, leave the game. Pay attention to successful gambling portals. Most of them have a rich history and a solid reputation.

7.    Games in online casinos should not be to the detriment of your free time. If you spend all your work time on games and even to the detriment of your work duties, you risk losing your job and good relationships with your colleagues. Games in online casinos are fun, but you should not give them most of your time. If you take no more than an hour to the game per day, then you will manage to avoid big losses and fatal mistakes.

8.    If you have lost two games in a row, exit the online casino and try to analyze your actions. It is possible that you have forgotten the rules of the game or you are in too much of a hurry. A newbie should remember that playing in online casinos requires slow pace and clear reflection on each action.

9.    Do not play in several online casinos at the same time, and focus your attention on one gambling house. Explore all its benefits, spend a couple of games and try to understand your feelings. If you are completely unlucky in one online casino, it is possible that you are lucky in another, but do not get carried away.

10.    Thus, a novice in an online casino should know the rules of the game, how to make a deposit and withdraw money, make actions in the game slowly and deliberately, to be able to see ten steps ahead of the enemy.

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