Online betting is a massive business, and it is one that is continuously developed. The range of bets facilitated is extensive, and it is possible to find apps that support omnichannel betting across a range of providers.

Using a good choice software and incorporating aspects such as Bethard bonus code you can take significant steps into betting more accurately and in turn profitably.

With this in mind, what are the significant technical aspects that provide you with a better experience?


There can be no doubt that better mobile devices and computing power has contributed significantly to the rise of online betting. The better handsets can deliver bets in real time, allowing you to have greater control when using in-play the real-time betting platform. The thrill of winning is heightened when you wager, and this is possible due to better internet connections, mobile networks and faster more agile hardware.

Predicative Odds Analysis

With the ability to create algorithms that can analyse data and look for trends, it is now possible to track the performance of teams, horses, dogs, etc., and use this information to make better informed bets. The better models also provide facilities to calculate and even predict odds. This is a real bonus as it helps you budget, and offers advantages during in-play betting.


The advent of using blockchain and cryptocurrency to place bets has been most welcome by the community. Using blockchain, it is possible to make bets with greater anonymity avoiding the stigma that still hangs around online betting.

It works by giving players a virtual space where they can place bets that runs on blockchain technology. Various cryptocurrency is supported, including Bitcoin.

Mobile Apps

Most online bookmakers provide a comprehensive mobile app which allows you to make bets on the go. These apps tend to offer the same options as the desktop counterpart and sometimes provide a little more. The industry has realised if you’re watching a match on TV you don’t want to have your desktop or laptop in front of you. Instead, you can follow the odds on your phone providing convenience and an easy way to participate.

If the bookmaker does not have an app, they tend to offer supremely responsive versions of their site, which offers you the same level of play as the desktop version.

Live Streaming of Sporting Events

Increasingly, bookmakers are offering live streams of sporting events enabling you to watch and bet live while the game is in progress. This is an increasingly popular addition to standard betting platforms where you follow statistics.

Watching the event live gives you that feeling that you’re part of it as you use your algorithmic generated data to try and predict what will happen next and make bets using the best odds. In the next twelve months, this will become more widespread among online betting outlets.

Easier Payment Options

It has never been easier to make bets than it is at the moment. PayByPhone, e-wallets and bank transfers are all facilitated by most online bookmakers. Not only is it easier it is safer too. PayByPhone adds your wager to your phone bill, so there is no need to mess around with credit cards and the like.

Online technology is playing an increasing part in online betting, and most agree it is adding to the experience.

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