The most famous casino cheaters

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It remains to be seen whether most gamblers enjoy winning so much because of the inherent pride and satisfaction of doing so, or simply because winning at gambling most often results in a fairly substantial prize. Whatever the most popular reason, there is no arguing against the fact that potential gambling prize money can turn people slightly crazy, and this explains the age-old problem of casino gambling cheats. 

There have been countless casino cheats over the years, although in the modern world it has got so much harder to successfully cheat, so it seems as though these people are a dying breed. Of course, to be a truly successful slot games casino cheat it is better for nobody to know that you even cheated, however there have been a number of high profile casino cheats over the years, read on to find out about the most famous ones.

Richard Marcus 

Richard Marcus gained a troublesome reputation throughout his time gambling in Las Vegas, perfecting the art of cheating and also rarely getting caught. Marcus was somewhat of an entrepreneur when it came to casino cheating, as he thought up a plethora of innovative ways to trick the dealers on a range of popular casino table games. 

On the game of roulette, for example, he perfected his sleight of hand, and could shift his chips on the bet table to correspond with where the ball was about to land. Richard Marcus was arrested on a few occasions for cheating, however there was never enough evidence to lock him up for good, so he managed to get away with it for the most part. 

Dominic LoRiggio 

In truth Dominic LoRiggio was never really a casino cheat in the same vein as the other people mentioned in this article, although Las Vegas casinos were still incredibly unsure whenever he walked through their doors. And the reason why? Amazingly Mr LoRiggio painstakingly taught himself how to throw dice during a game of craps, and pretty much always know what numbers it would land on. 

This is a pretty crazy skill to learn, however Dominic LoRiggio truly mastered it, and he won a huge amount of money during his time gambling, earning himself the nickname “The Man With The Golden Arm”. Although casinos couldn’t exactly tell him off for cheating, they did eventually make him throw the dice in a different way to usual, so he was still punished in a way. 

Tommy Glen Carmichael 

Ever wondered what transferrable skills can be derived from being a television repair man? Well, Tommy Glen Carmichael put his skills to use in Las Vegas casinos, as he went on a slot machine rigging spree that earned him well over a million dollars over four decades. 

As you might expect, Tommy Glen Carmichael gained a huge level of notoriety during this time, and by the 1990s he was very much a wanted man by a range of casinos and the Nevada police force. By 1996 he would be imprisoned.

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