Technological Progress of Online Casino: Themed Slot Games

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There is no denying that technology has drastically been changing our lives over the last forty years. All areas have been revolutionized thanks to technological advances, from communication to education, travelling, and health. These changes in technology happen so quickly that the world thirty years ago looks, in many respects, as distant as if several centuries have passed since the 1990s. People do not even have time to adapt properly to technological innovations with which they are inundated on the market. Goods are produced with such speed that people cannot even properly enjoy their new item before its newest version appears.

So many variants of the same products emerge within a short period of time that people need to be explained how they have been modified. The internet has, therefore, become filled with articles discussing differences between various products and their newest versions.  People need to be told why a Huawei Watch GT 2e is better than a Huawei Watch GT and how Hisilicon Kirin 820, Kirin 810, and Kirin 710F differ from each other. Otherwise, overwhelmed with the embarrassment of riches on the market, customers will feel confused and will make unnecessary purchases. No company wants its products to be considered redundant and thus invests in explaining why it has created another version of an existing smartphone, watch, bicycle, or soap.   

Even those areas of our lives where a variety of goods is not the most important factor are changed by their proliferation. Take casinos, or, as they are called in Finnish, “casinot.” Intent on winning money, poker players presumably would not mind to sit at the same table with the same deck of cards every time they play as long as they have Royal Flush or Full House. People would also continue playing the Liberty Bell, the first slot machine, so long as they could hit a jackpot. Companies, however, think that a larger variety of casinos, roulettes, and slot machines would attract people more to gambling and do their best to diversify their equipment. Even such small casino as PAF Casino in Mariehamn, Finland, has 65 multigame slot machines which have different themes and offer various bonuses.

With the advent of the internet, when betting was enabled online, the gambling industry especially blossomed. As people found it more comfortable to wager from their homes and gambled more eagerly, companies and graphic designers began to invest more money and efforts in online casinos, creating such a plethora of games that they now cater to all existing tastes and playing styles. Whatever game you fancy to play, you can definitely enjoy it online and reap a handsome profit in the process.

Your wishes will be granted particularly easily if you like to play slot machines. There are so many themed slot machines on the internet that, whatever are your interests, you will easily find a game to your liking. Suppose in addition to enjoying slot machines, you are also a fitness addict. In this case, you can play fitness-themed slots, where icons are sport shoes, medicine balls, stopwatch, and exercising women. Set in a gym, these slots feature basic gym equipment: body-building machines, treadmills, kettlebells, barbells, and dumbbells. Another prominent attribute of fitness-themed slots is, obviously, chiseled bodies of male and female athletes. While playing these games, you may not only earn money but also compare your level of fitness to that of casino-slot characters.  

The most popular fitness-themed slot in Finland and other Nordic countries is Fitness Automaten, a 243 ways game with a max bet of 100 coins. It was created by Gamblify, a Danish developer headquartered in Copenhagen. Like other fitness games, it depicts a conventional gym with a hobby horse, boxing gloves, and an exercise ball in the background. The game also features a cartoonish middle-aged man with dumbbells and a young woman flaunting her beautiful, fit figure. What is unconventional about these characters is that they wear heads of real people rather than those of cartoon creatures. The effect is humorous and grotesque: whatever their shapes, the characters’ bodies are still unproportionally small alongside their human heads.

Another unique feature of Fitness Automaten is its symbols. They are as incongruous as the images of its main characters. Like such fitness-themed slots as Peek Physique and Freaky Gym, this game gets rid of conventional card symbols, employing fitness symbols instead. But among such traditional fitness symbols as dumbbells and boxing gloves, you will also see the symbols of unhealthy food avoided by athletes – a hamburger and a cake.

The weird-looking characters get even weirder once you spin the reels. Just as happens in South Park, for example, the human heads of the characters split into two to indicate that they are speaking. With their cracked heads, the characters shout encouragements to each other. Simultaneously, the woman’s head serves as the game’s bonus symbol, just as does an image of a slice of a pizza. Though the characters in Fitness Automaten speak only Danish, it is easy to understand what is happening in the game even when you do not know this language.

Experts say that this fitness-themed slot is an achievement, since it stands out among other generic slot games. Its graphics and audio effects are peculiar and often elicit laughter from players. With its humor and unusual graphics, Fitness Automaten testifies to the technological advancement of the online casino industry.

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