Windows on ARM devices will finally get x86-64 support, but will it be any good?

Windows on ARM has had a shaky start and struggled to gain traction, but with the new Microsoft Surface Pro X with the new SQ1 processor co-engineered with Qualcomm, things are starting to look rosier. It is claimed that x86-64 emulation will be arriving shortly allowing 64-bit programs to be compatible with Windows on Arm, … Read more

Qualcomm Snapdragon 8cx performs Intel Core i5-8250U : Windows on ARM

When Qualcomm launched their first Windows and ARM devices, the performance was a little lacklustre as well as compatibility issue with 64-bit applications. I still use my HP Envy X2, and things have improved with Windows updates, but it is not good enough as a main laptop. The laptop used the Snapdragon 835 Mobile PC … Read more

Microsoft Andromeda: Dual-screen hybrid PC and mobile phone leaked


You may have thought Microsoft has ditched the mobile phone industry for good since the flop that was Windows Mobile, but that is not completely true. In recent months there have been multiple leaks of a new device in the works by Microsoft. Codenamed Andromeda this dual-screen device isn’t strictly a phone, but a hybrid … Read more