Qualcomm Snapdragon 778G vs SD 888 vs SD 870 vs SD 765G Benchmarks Compared – How does the SD778G compare with new & older chipsets?

The Realme GT Master series has launched with two relatively new chipsets from Qualcomm, and this year, Qualcomm have a LOT of chipset options, which can make things a little confusing. Just a few years ago, you used to be able to define the status of a phone by what chipset it used. The Snapdragon … Read more

Qualcomm Snapdragon 780G vs 765G vs 750G vs SD888 vs Dimensity 1200 Specification Compared – Qualcomm introduces a massive upgrade to the 7 series, competing with flagship Dimensity chipsets

Qualcomm has finally gotten around to giving the Snapdragon 700 series some love. What had been previously rumoured to be the Snapdragon 775G is now the Snapdragon 780G.

This new chipset looks more like a flagship chipset and looks very familiar to some of the specification offered by the flagship chipset from Mediatek Dimensity 1200 this year.

For the sake of this comparison, I have used the main Qualcomm chipsets, not the retweaked options used on a limited number of phones, such as the SD 768G or the new SD860 and SD870.

In fact, the SD780G offers a superior specification to the SD860, so the lines have become very blurred between their upper midrange and flagship 800 series.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 780G vs 765G vs 750G vs SD888 vs Dimensity 1200 Specifications Compared

ProcessSamsung 8 nmSamsung 7 nm EUVSamsung 5 nm5 nm TSMCTSMC 6 nm
CPU (prime)1x Kryo 475 (A76) @ 2.8 GHz1x Cortex-A78 @ 2.4GHz1x ARM Cortex-X1 @ 2.84 GHz1x Cortex-A78 @ 3.0 GHz
CPU (big)2x Kryo 570 (A77) @ 2.2 GHz1x Kryo 475 (A76) @ 2.4 GHz3x Cortex-A78 @ 2.2GHz 3x ARM Cortex-A78 @ 2.42 GHz3x Cortex-A78 @ 2.7 GHz
CPU (small)6x Kryo 570 (A55) @ 1.8 GHz6x Kryo 475 (A55) @ 1.8 GHz4x Cortex-A55 @ 1.9GHz 4x ARM Cortex-A55 @ 1.8 GHz4x Cortex-A55 @ 2.0 GHz
GPUAdreno 619Adreno 620Adreno 642
+50% perf over 768G
& 768G offered 15%+ over SD765G
  Adreno 660Mali-G77 MC9
Display1080p+ @ 120 Hz1080p+ @ 120 Hz1080p+ @ 144 Hz4K @ 60 Hz, 1080p+ @ 90 Hz1080p+ @ 168 Hz
ISP2Dual 14-bit Spectra 355 ISPTriple 14-bit Spectra 570 ISPTriple 14-bit Spectra 580 ISP
5G modem (downlink)X52, 3.7 GbpsX52, 3.7 GbpsX53, 3.3 GbpsX60, 7.5 Gbps 4.7 Gbps (sub-6)
Wi-FiWi-Fi 6Wi-Fi 6, 867 MbpsWi-Fi 6E, 3.6 GbpsWi-Fi 6EWi-Fi 6

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Qualcomm Snapdragon 870 vs Snapdragon 860/855+, SD888 & SD865+ Specification Compared – Qualcomm re-release old chipsets for new affordable phones

Several phones are tipped to feature two new Qualcomm 800 series chipsets. Two of them should be launching very soon.

Qualcomm is effectively reusing old tech to allow companies to launch high-performance phones at a low price. It may seem like a strange decision, effectively diluting their flagship 800 series brand with old tech, but it is likely Qualcomm are doing this due to the increased competition they will face from MediaTek this year.

MediaTek have the Dimensity 1200 and Dimensity 1100 which should be used on phones launching in the UK soon.

So how do these two chipsets compare with each other, and what similarities do they have with their older siblings?

Qualcomm Snapdragon 855+/860 Mobile Platform

Looking at the Snapdragon 860 first, Qualcomm has put no effort in and are just re-releasing the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855+ under a new name. Even the product page states Qualcomm Snapdragon 855+/860 Mobile Platform.

So clearly, this is just a marketing gimmick. Last year, Realme launched the Realme X3 SuperZoom using the SD855+ and I thought it was a great idea to reuse older flagships for new affordable offerings.

Obviously, Qualcomm feels like advertising a new phone with a 2-year-old chipset is not as marketable as rebranding it as something new.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 870 vs Snapdragon 865+

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MediaTek Dimensity 800 vs Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G Performance Comparison of Benchmarks on OPPO Reno4 Z & Realme X50 5G

Qualcomm comfortably dominates the chipset market, and with the current issues, Huawei/HiSilicon are facing the number of competitors has slimmed down. However, MediaTek has stepped up their game in the past year or so. The Helio G90T was, and still is, an amazing affordable mid-range chipset that traded blows, even surpassing the performance of the … Read more

HiSilicon Kirin 9000 vs Samsung Exynos 1080 vs Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 benchmarks show an impressive lead over the older Qualcomm

[Original Post: 19 October 2020] Now updated with benchmarks and more accurate information The future of flagship chipsets from Huawei owned HiSilicon remains in doubt due to the extensive restrictions placed upon the company by the US in this protracted political dispute. So the Kirin 9000 could very well be the swan song for Hisilicon, … Read more

Qualcomm Snapdragon 750G vs Mediatek Dimensity 800 Compared – How does the Xiaomi Mi 10T Lite stack up against the OPPO Reno4 5G?

Today, Xiaomi was the first company to launch a phone with the brand new affordable 5G chipset from Qualcomm, the Snapdragon 750G. Priced at just 279-Euros, this is incredible value for money. Related: Qualcomm Snapdragon 750G vs Snapdragon 765G & 730G & 690 Compared The chipset inside the Xiaomi should trade blows with its bigger, … Read more

Roadmap shows MediaTek Dimensity 600 coming soon Dimensity 400 by the end of the year. No word on Dimensity 720. Qualcomm Snapdragon 662 & 460 in 2020

In a new leak from Chinese social media site Weibo, a timeline of chipset launches has been revealed which is apparently based on research conducted by an investment bank. The accuracy of the source is unknown, nor is how the investment back would know such an accurate timeline of two competing companies. The timeline indicates … Read more

Qualcomm Snapdragon 865+ V Snapdragon 865 vs Dimensity 1000 Plus vs Exynos 990 Compared – Qualcomm widen the gap in performance

Following last years trend, Qualcomm has upgraded their flagship chipset with a Plus variation of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 offering improved frequencies and all the benefits that brings. Technically, the trend started in 2018 when Asus launched the original ROG phone which used a speed binned Snapdragon 845, but then Qualcomm made the new faster … Read more

More large price hikes with Qualcomm Snapdragon 875 compared to Snapdragon 865 expected

Each year the cost of flagship phones goes up at a higher rate than inflation. An extreme example would be the OnePlus One launch price of just $299 and the lowest priced OnePlus 8 is $699/£599. With the roll-out of 5G these price increases seem to have accelerated, this year flagship phones have pushed comfortably … Read more

Qualcomm Snapdragon 690 vs 675 vs 670 vs SD 720 vs SD 765G – A new budget 5G chipset with Cortex A77

Yesterday I reported that Qualcomm might launch the Qualcomm Snapdragon 775G, I was sceptical as this is normally launched during the Tech Summit in December. Well, it turns out they have launched a new chipset, and it looks very impressive, likely to compete with other low-cost 5G options from MediaTek and Hisilicon/Huawei. The Qualcomm Snapdragon … Read more

Qualcomm Snapdragon 720G vs 730G vs Helio G90T Benchmarks – Redmi Note 9 Pro gets benchmarked, how does it compare to the Note 8 Pro?

The Snapdragon 720G is the latest chipset from Qualcomm sitting below the 5G equipped SD765G and will feature in many of the affordable mid-range phones this year. One such phone is the Redmi Note 9 Pro which launches tomorrow on the 12th, and one YouTuber appears to have benchmarked the new phone in Antutu, and … Read more

Unisoc Tiger T752 vs Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G vs Mediatek Dimensity 1000L – A 5G mobile chipset made on the 6nm EUV fabrication process that will you never be used in a phone you own

It is unlikely you will have ever heard of Unisoc, the company is relatively new since being rebranded from Spreadtrum Communications, Inc and is a fabless semiconductor company headquartered in Shanghai producing chipsets form mobiles and IoT devices. They predominantly focus on the Chinese market as well as developing markets, the same could have been … Read more

Qualcomm Snapdragon 460 vs 636 vs 665 vs 450 vs Samsung Exynos 9609 – The SD460 is a beefed-up SD636 sitting just below the SD665

Yesterday Qualcomm finally padded out the rest of its chipset line-up for mobile phones for 2020. We had all the exciting releases in December with the flagship Snapdragon 865 and the new mid-range 5G Snapdragon 765. So the latest announcement is less exciting but equally as important as the new chips will feature on phones … Read more

Qualcomm Snapdragon 662 vs 665 vs 710 vs 720G vs 730G Compared – Qualcomm launch SD662 & SD720G which look identical to the SD665 & SD730G

Today Qualcomm launched three new chipsets with a Snapdragon 460 catering for the entry-level market, while the Snapdragon 720G and  Snapdragon 662 will be for mid-range phones The Snapdragon 720G  promises to bring many of the Elite Gaming features of the Snapdragon 765G with support for HDR, dynamic colour range and high-quality synchronised sound with … Read more

Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G vs Mediatek Dimensity 1000L MT6885 vs Samsung Exynos 980 Antutu Benchmarks – Which mid-range 5G chipset has the best performance?

With all the chipsets for 2020 now announced, it looks like 5G is quickly going to gain traction. Almost all the chipsets from the upper mid-range through to flagship will be 5G only, and companies such as Realme will only launch 5G phones (in China) moving forward. This year we saw a strong focus on … Read more

Qualcomm Snapdragon 8c vs Snapdragon 7c vs Snapdragon 8cx Compared – Two new affordable Windows on Arm chipsets

Qualcomm introduced the Snapdragon 8cx at last years tech summit, rather than upgrade that chipset, this year they have padded out the portfolio with two new more affordable options with the Snapdragon 8C and the 7C. The Microsoft Surface Pro X features the modified 8cx called the Microsoft SQ1 Processor and this currently costs £1,269.00 … Read more

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