HyperX QuadCast S USB microphone launched with dynamic RGB lighting effects ideal for gaming streamers

Today, HyperX has announced their new QuadCast S USB microphone which has built-in RGB that can be controlled via the HyperX NGENUITY software. If you go all-in with HyperX that means you could control the RGB of your microphone, keyboard, RAM, Mouse and even your mousepad! Microphone Features It is not just about looking good … Read more

Benefits Of Using Wireless Microphones

Wireless microphones are exceptional gadgets that people nowadays prefer to use instead of wired ones. After all, fewer wires means more mobility and greater comfort. The simplicity and mobility that every wireless microphone offers is far better than jumping and tripping over cables on stage. This is why wireless gadgets that are available in today’s … Read more

Blue Launches Yeti Nano USB Microphone

The Blue Yeti is probably the gold standard of USB mics on the market, and it is the microphone of choice for many streamers, podcasters and content producers. Blue is now following up this hugely successful microphone with a smaller and cheaper option, the Blue Yeti Nano priced at £89.99. Key features of the new miniature microphone include: … Read more

Blue Lola Headphones Review

The Blue Sadie headphones I reviewed last week set the new standard for headphones that I have reviewed, their sound quality was superb and the built-in amplifier was surprisingly useful. Priced at around £389.99 they were not something that is going to appeal to the masses, regardless of how good they are. Today I have … Read more

Blue Sadie Over-Ear Headphones Review

Blue is not a brand that I would normally associate with premium headphones, but they do have strong credentials with audio in the form of their universally praised microphones. Their entry into the headphone market is an interesting one, as they are jumping straight into the upper mid and high-end market. Their flagship product called … Read more