Mediatek Dimensity 720 5G chipset announced – New design using 7nm, 2x Arm cortex A76 & Arm Mali G57

Mediatek Dimensity 720 vs

[Edit 2] Originally posted on 21st of July 2020 after another publication accidentally published early and I picked it up. Mediatek has no officially announced the Mediatek Dimensity 720 5G chipset, for real this time. Today MediaTek has officially announced their new budget 5G chipset, the Mediatek Dimensity 720. After identifying the chipset a couple … Read more

Mediatek Dimensity 720 vs Dimensity 800, 820 & 1000 Specification Comparison & Benchmarks

Mediatek Dimensity 720 vs

[Update 21-07-2020] MediaTek have now made the Dimensity 720 official. Details are a little thin at the moment, but this is a brand new chipset, rather than a tweaked existing design. [Update 23-07-2020] The chipset is officially official now. The Dimensity 720 is based on the 7nm fabrication process featuring an integrated 5G modem, and … Read more

Oppo A72 5G with Mediatek Dimensity 720 (MT6853V), triple camera, & 90Hz display to launch soon

Serial leaker Digital Chat Station has revealed the existence of a new affordable OPPO A72 phone set to launch soon. The phone has popped up a couple of times in the past, including on Chinese certifying authority TENAA’s website earlier this month. China Telecom also lists the phone with some key details. The smartphone is … Read more

Roadmap shows MediaTek Dimensity 600 coming soon Dimensity 400 by the end of the year. No word on Dimensity 720. Qualcomm Snapdragon 662 & 460 in 2020

In a new leak from Chinese social media site Weibo, a timeline of chipset launches has been revealed which is apparently based on research conducted by an investment bank. The accuracy of the source is unknown, nor is how the investment back would know such an accurate timeline of two competing companies. The timeline indicates … Read more

Mediatek Dimensity 720 vs Dimensity 800– A new budget 5G is coming but will it be much different?

[Update 21-07-2020] MediaTek have now made the Dimensity 720 official. Details are a little thin at the moment, but this is a brand new chipset, rather than a tweaked existing design. The Dimensity 720 is based on the 7nm fabrication process featuring an integrated 5G modem, and  MediaTek’s UltraSave technology, leveraging both network and content … Read more

MediaTek Helio G25 vs G35 vs P35 – Mediatek rebranding a two-year-old chipset again, passing them off as a new budget gaming chipsets

Mediatek love to release new chipsets, it’s probably a monthly affair, sometimes it feels like it is weekly. To achieve such a technological feat, they have to cut a few corners here and there. They have genuinely launched some impressive chipsets this year, some of which could offer serious competition to Qualcomm. However, to achieve … Read more

MediaTek Dimensity 820 goes official with a significant boost to CPU frequencies vs Dimensity 800

As expected, today MediaTek announced the Dimensity 820. The previous leaks have been confirmed; this new chipset offers a significant CPU boost taking the four Arm Coretex A76 cores up to 2.6Ghz. This represents a 30% boost in frequencies which eclipses the improvements Qualcomm made to their SD765G when they revamped it as the SD768G. … Read more

MediaTek Dimensity 820 vs Dimensity 800 vs Snapdragon 768G –MediaTek bump their specs to compete with Qualcomm for the Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 or Redmi K30i

[Update] This is now official and better than expected with a GPU boost too I have given MediaTek a lot of grief for their relentless and pointless chipset launches the past few months. The MediaTek Dimensity 820 is set to launch on the 18th of May just two weeks after the announcement of the Dimensity … Read more

MediaTek Helio G85 vs Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 vs Snapdragon 675 vs SD 712 vs SD 720G Specifications & Benchmarks

With the launch of the Xiaomi Redmi Note 9, I wrote a scathing comparison of the new MediaTek Helio G85 with its pitiful 50Mhz difference in GPU frequencies compared to the existing, unimpressive, Helio G80. If we ignore my belief that the MediaTek Helio G85 is just a marketing stunt by announcing a brand-new chipset … Read more

MediaTek Helio G85 vs G70 vs G80 vs G90T Specifications Compared & Benchmarks – Another dud from MediaTek with the same specification as the G80

[Updated] I originally reported that the G85 was identical to the G80. This was wrong. The G85 has a slightly tweaked GPU going up to 1000MHz (a 50MHz increase). Mediatek has launched yet another chipset which will feature in the Xiaomi Redmi Note 9. It is starting to feel like they just come up with … Read more

MediaTek Helio G90t, G70, P95 & other delisted from PCMark for cheating by identifying benchmarks & boosting performance

Synthetic benchmarks are not the best indicator of true to life performance at the best of times. MediaTek is the latest company to fall foul of the rules by coding a sports mode into the firmware files that assign a boost to the phone’s performance when it detects many popular benchmarks. They are not the … Read more

MediaTek Dimensity 800 vs MediaTek Helio G90t vs Helio P95 – Antutu & Geekbench Benchmark Scores

MediaTek has launched a lot of chipsets recently, some of which look set to shake up the mobile chipset market, while others look like a waste of time with old chipsets being rebadged as new ones with minor tweaks. This year, the Dimensity 1000 and Dimensity 1000L are definitely two of the chipsets to keep … Read more

MediaTek Helio P95 vs Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G & SD 730G vs Helio G90T vs Dimensity 1000L Compared – Antutu & Geekbench Benchmark Scores

MediaTek recently announced their latest mid-range chipset, the Helio P95, and this has then been used for the latest Oppo Reno3 Pro 4G. In my previous comparison of the P95 vs the older P90 and the other recently launched MediaTek chipsets the Helio G80 & Helio G70, I highlighted that it was a bit of … Read more

Mediatek Helio P95 vs Helio P90 vs Helio G80 & G70 Comparison – Literally the same specification as the P90 but apparently it does more AI

After announcing a bunch of amazing sounding chipsets that put them toe to toe with high-end system on chips from Qualcomm and Samsung, Mediatek appears to have run out of ideas. While the first phone with the Mediatek Dimensity 1000L (Reno3) has been launched, we are yet to see anyone integrate the full fat Dimensity … Read more

Unisoc Tiger T752 vs Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G vs Mediatek Dimensity 1000L – A 5G mobile chipset made on the 6nm EUV fabrication process that will you never be used in a phone you own

It is unlikely you will have ever heard of Unisoc, the company is relatively new since being rebranded from Spreadtrum Communications, Inc and is a fabless semiconductor company headquartered in Shanghai producing chipsets form mobiles and IoT devices. They predominantly focus on the Chinese market as well as developing markets, the same could have been … Read more

MediaTek Dimensity 1000L vs Snapdragon 765G vs Exynos 980 – MediaTek dominates the mid-range Antutu benchmarks with OPPO Reno3

The MediaTek Dimensity 1000L is a very odd chipset when you look at its specification, it is not a mid-range chipset. It is basically a slightly cut down version of the flagship Dimensity 1000 adopting the same 4x Cortex-A77 &  4xCortex-A55 design as the full-fat version. The only noticeable difference on the spec sheet is … Read more

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