5G mobile networks are not just about speed

My last post following my Qualcomm event on Saturday. One of the core technologies Qualcomm are investing in and developing is the new 5G mobile network. It doesn’t feel that long ago that we got 4G and this can often be temperamental depending on where you live, so is 5G going to offer that much … Read more

F-Secure Press Trip and the Future of Cyber Security

This past weekend F-Secure was kind enough to invite me out to Helsinki to demo their brand-new F-Secure Sense router as well as do some talks on IoT hacking and demo their cross-platform security suite. I will be reviewing both the software and sense in separate posts within the next week. As we all know, … Read more

Samsung’s 2016 4K TV Pricing & More Details: Quantum Dots, & IoT.

As someone that is wanting a big TV upgrade this year, I have eagerly been waiting for the 2016 line-up of TVs to launch. Sony have released some of theirs, and we know about the LG line-up, but no when it is out. Now we have more details on Samsung’s releases, though it is mainly … Read more