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Fire TV Stick 4K (2018) with Alexa Voice Remote Review Score 95%

Fire TV Stick 4K (2018) with Alexa Voice Remote Review

Since buying my Sony AF8 OLED I have been deeply disappointed by its poor Dolby Vision performance, it is just broken within the Sony software. However, with the new Fire TV Stick 4K you get Dolby Vision support, as well as most other things you could want from a streaming device for an absolute bargain price of £50 Amazon has gone back to the stick format rather than the dangly dongle of last year’s Fire TV. Unlike most yearly tech iterations that go up in prices, Amazon has actually reduced the price down from £69.99 to £49.99 representing over...

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Dual notches are a thing now with the Sharp Aquos R2 Compact

This will be one of those Chinese phones that nobody is bothered about importing to the UK, but the fact that the Sharp Aquos R2 Compact uses two notches made it worth posting about. The Sharp Aquos R Compact from last year was pretty weird in the first place, it had slim bezels on three sides with a small notch, but then an absolutely huge chin which meant the screen size was only 4.9-inches. Rather than shift the fingerprint reader around to the rear Share have decided to use a second cutout for the home button and scanner. This has allowed them...

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British TV company Cello launches 55-inch 4K Ultra HDR10 QLED TV with Android TV for just £799 – C55SFS

You may have not heard of Cello but they are a UK based manufacturer of affordable TVs. Today they announced a new range of TVs built around the QLED similar to what you find on expensive Samsung models. With the 55” model retailing from just £799, this first model in a new QLED range will likely be very popular with people looking for high-quality affordable TVs. The new TVs are fully HDR10 compliant with a 10-bit panel, however detailed information of this panel is not available yet, I would guess that it is not a true 10-bit panel like you find on...

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HDR10+ certification rolls out providing Dolby Vision features royalty free

Similar to the Blue-Ray and HD-DVD days, the current HDR standard is split with 2 standards, HDR and Dolby Vision. Dolby Vision is the superior standard, and we have discussed the differences in the past, but the HDR10 standard has a trick in its sleeve with a revision called HDR10+. HDR10+ delivers almost the same features as Dolby Vision while not having any royalties attached to it, and it is backed by some important companies, namely Panasonic, Amazon (Prime Video), 20th Century Fox and the original developer Samsung. HDR10+ has been available for a couple of years now, with Samsung having it on all their...

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Wasabi Mango UHD430 43-inch 4K 120Hz PC Display with DP 1.4 Now Available for £1,033.01

Many enthusiast gamers have been eagerly waiting for the new generation of 4K monitors that comes with DisplayPort 1.4 which will allow a resolution of 4K a 120Hz. The Acer Predator X27 and Asus ROG Swift PG27UQ are available for pre-order for insane amounts of money – the 27-inch size isn’t ideal for many at 4K either. A relatively unknown Korean brand appears to be offering the product many of us have been dreaming about, the Wasabi Mango U490 is a 43-inch display which is a perfect size for 4K and uses DisplayPort 1.4 allowing for 120Hz with support...

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Panasonic announce 4K OLED FZ800 and FZ950 TVs & DP-UB820 Ultra HD Blu-ray at CES 2018

Panasonic doesn’t get as much attention as LG, Samsung, and LG, but from my experience, they produce fantastic TVs, and I even have one of their 4K sets as my main TV. During CES 2018 they have announced two new models, the  FZ800 and FZ950, which will ship in 55-inch and 65-inch sizes. Both these sets are 4K, OLED and HDR-compatible, with the HDR standard being the relatively new HDR10+ but not Dolby Vision. Dolby vision would be nice, but it probably won’t make any difference in the long term. Both TVs come with Panasonic's own HCX processor, which...

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Dolby Vision VS HDR10: CES 2018

Following up on our post about OLED vs QLED it seemed prudent to cover the new HDR technologies that are prominent on this year’s 4K TVs. Similar, but not as binary as the HD-DVD vs Blu-ray war, Dolby Vision and HDR10 are two separate standards that are competing for dominance. ‘HDR’ stands for High Dynamic Range and movies that are HDR-compatible have been mastered to push TVs to their limit, with brighter highlights, deeper blacks, and a broader array of colours. The theory is the higher the dynamic range, the closer a photograph gets to real life. HDR for...

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