STM 28L Myth Backpack Review – Expensive but with unparalleled laptop protection.

With many laptops easily costing over £1,000, if you travel or commute a lot with your laptop, investing in a protective bag of some form is a necessity. I have had a laptop screen crack while walking to a meeting in the past, which was both extremely inconvenient and very expensive. The STM 28L Myth … Read more

Gaston Luga Clässic Backpack Review – A stylish and spacious backpack more suited as a casual bag than carrying expensive tech.

Whenever I travel, either for press events or social, I am laden down with tech and gadgets, so a decent backpack or messenger bag is essential. I normally use cheap options from Amazon, and the Internet is full of options to suit all needs and budget. Recently Gaston Luga contacted me to check out their … Read more