Dell m15 & m17 gaming laptops updated with Intel’s 9th Gen CPU up to i9-9980HK

As part of the yearly update cycle, Dell is rolling out redesigned Alienware 15-inch m15 and 17-inch m17 laptops, which feature higher-performance components, better displays – including an optional OLED panel – new storage options, and other improvements. Both systems are based on Intel’s 9th Gen Core mobile processors (up to Core i9-9980HK) as well as NVIDIA’s … Read more

Alienware Area-51m Gaming Laptop announced with upgradable Nvidia RTX GPU & 9th Gen Intel CPU using the Z390 desktop chipset

One of the issues with laptops is the very limited upgrade options, at best you can typically upgrade the RAM and storage. This is particularly off-putting for high-end gaming laptops which can cost thousands. Then there is the fact that a laptop can never achieve quite the same performance as a desktop. Dell aims to … Read more

Alienware M15 Thin and light Laptop with Coffee Lake & GTX 1070 Plus 4K Launched

The Alienware name is synonymous with gaming laptops and they have been one of the dominant brands for years. The laptops are great but they are a bit on the chubby side, and in the past couple of years we have seen a trend toward thin and semi-light gaming laptops. Razer, MSI, Gigabyte, ASUS and AORUS all have slim models … Read more

Dell updates product lineup at IFA 2018

Dell has been busy with announcing products at Gamescom 2018, then immediately after releasing more products at IFA 2018. Along with the below announcements, Dell had on show several of their new Alienware PCs which feature the latest Nvidia RTX 2080 graphics cards.   Launch highlights include: New Inspiron 5000 and 7000 laptops and 2-in-1s elevate … Read more

New Budget Gaming Dell G3, G5 & G7 Laptops Launched – i7-8750HQ – GTX 1060 Max-Q

If your budget can’t stretch to the flagship Alienware laptops and you want something with more gaming power than the new Dell XPS 15, then the Dell G range could be the perfect option. This is a new range of laptops from Dell aimed at more affordable portable gaming. The range includes 4 new laptops … Read more

Alienware 15 R4 MLK & 17 R5 Launched – Overclocked 5GHz i9-8950HK Coffee Lake, 4K Gsync and up to GTX 1080

As part of the Dell product announcement which includes the new Dell XPS 15 9570, new Alienware 15 and 17 have been announced. Named the Alienware 15 R4 MLK and Alienware 17 R5 MLK they both have similar configuration options. The two laptops will feature the latest 8th generation coffee lake processors with options going … Read more

Alienware 13 Review: i7-7700HQ, 16GB DDR4, NVIDIA GTX 1060

I have never had the opportunity to review a gaming laptop before, so I have been quite excited to test out the new Alienware 13 with the runs a GTX 1060. Alienware has to be the most famous gaming laptop brand out there, and their 13 models, in my opinion, is their flagship product. Not … Read more

New Alienware Laptop and 2 Desktops


Recently Alienware were telling us that they were planning some new rigs for us to drool over but were keeping tight lipped on the details. However those lovely father figures at Dell let slip some details on the first of those that we’ll look at that. The Alienware M15x Laptop is the epitomy of a max power gaming laptop. As with all Alienware kit (who doesn’t love building ridiculously good PC’s that we could only buy with monopoly money) its a bit pricey. The barebones laptop starts at £1,199 but this can skyrocket with added features. Read on for more

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