Monetise your site with PURK cryptocurrency micropayments

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We all hate adverts on websites, but in order for it to remain profitable it is a necessary evil for everyone including myself, and that’s why I sadly use Google AdSense and Amazon Affiliates.

There is various alternative such as paywalls, which everyone loathes, or many sites now have an optional donation option.

Purk is the latest development to help monetise your site while minimising the invasiveness of adverts. It is an open source, mineable and autonomous cryptocurrency that can be used to monetise anything from website content, blog articles, multimedia, products and a variety of online services by allowing users to tip or donate to content owners anonymously.

It is a simple concept really, by sending micropayments as a donation, it highly reduces the amount of monetisation that is needed on a website.

Unlike regular payments, Purk is an open source, decentralised private cryptocurrency, and using ring signature technology it allows users to be totally anonymous. The Purk blockchain is resistant to any kind of analysis. All transactions are unlikable ensuring Purk is a private and completely anonymous cryptocurrency.

In an era, where the concept of privacy appears to be quickly disappearing, being able to pay for content without giving the content creator all sorts of personal data is becoming very appealing.

We only need to look at the issues with Facebook recently which allowed Cambridge Analytica to collect personally identifiable information of up to 87 million Facebook users without their explicit consent. This data was used to influence voter opinion on behalf of politicians who hire them.

For many content creators being able to accept payments without collecting data on the user is beneficial as well. In Europe, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force on 25th of May 2018, and this regulation affects anyone that collects data on users. So in theory, all PURK payments would comply with the GDPR rules due to their anonymity. I should warn though, I am not an expert in this area, so I may not be 100% correct.

The Purk button API is currently under development, and it is totally self-funded, so there is no ICOs in place or vested interest. The cryptocurrency itself is operational, and you can mine it if you wish, the Purk Button which will allow users to tip/pay content creators is expected to be released by the end of Q2: 2018 on GitHub

For more information on Purk Cryptocurrency please visit: or download the wallet from the official Github account:

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