Mobile Slots vs Brick and Mortar Casino Slots

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What Would You Play? 

There’s no question about it. Online slots are becoming more and more popular in line with improvements in internet usage and technology. More appealing graphics means more exciting gameplay, better devices make the slots more accessible and mobile devices means you can play slots on the go.

But do these things mean that mobile slots are more enjoyable than sitting down at the reels in the phone casino and playing the old school way? We look at the pros and cons of both. 

Pros and Cons of Mobile Slots 

Pros? Versatility. You can’t just pick up a several tonne slot machine from the casino and take it on the bus to play on your ride to work. While there may sometimes be issues with data causing a mobile slot to lag or even crash during gameplay (which can be incredibly frustrating), the fact that you can play a slot game on your mobile phone is pretty cool in itself. 

As 4G rolls out further and further across the country and we’re looking at 5G, slow data response is becoming a thing of a past so the ability to play mobile slots is getting easier. Also, public WiFi is becoming more and more accessible – you can use it on trains, buses and even passenger jets, so we’re getting closer and closer to a point at which internet coverage will be available literally everywhere. 

The main con of mobile slots kind of relates to the main pro of brick and mortar casino slots – it’s just not as immersive… 

Pros and Cons of Brick and Mortar Casino Slots 

There’s something incredibly satisfying about sitting down in front of a physical slot machine. Whether it’s the vague nostalgia, the hustle and bustle of the casino or the interactivity with a level rather than a tap on the screen remains to be figured out. All we know is that we love it. 

9/10 times, a casino is likely to be a more vibrant and interesting place than wherever we’re playing mobile slots, so the brick and mortar casino slots have the edge on the battle of overall experience. Although online slots are getting better and better graphics as time goes by, and therefore are becoming a more enjoyable experience overall, especially as the actual phones are getting better too, we have to be honest with ourselves here and admit that the experience of playing a mobile slot is never quite going to beat the real casino slot in this particular sense. 

Our Verdict 

It’s pretty difficult to call this one – different types of slot machines are like chalk and cheese realistically. We can’t always just nip to the casino and spin the reels so having the ability to pick up your personal smartphone and play online is pretty fantastic. Each type of slot is great in its own place and time. Plus, who says we can’t have both?

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