If you play mobile games, then you may opt to use apps. There are many casino sites that allow their users to play in their browser instead, though is this always an alternative? We’re exploring this topic today to decide if they’re really a viable alternative.

HTML5 Tech

With the roll out of HTML5 technology, it’s possible to do more than ever before within a mobile browser. These are no longer as limited and can handle the strain of bigger games. This is great news for gamers, as they don’t need to waste their time or space on their device. This is a win win scenario for them, as you can’t go wrong with extra space and more time to play.

These games don’t rely on intensive graphics or elements, so they can be rendered easily on most phones. They also have cross platform functionality which means you can play the same games on desktop, tablet and smartphone. This tends to make users feel a lot more comfortable, as they know what to expect. When downloading an app, the entire experience can be changed which can end up making things confusing for the user.


If you’re out and about on your mobile device then the last thing you want to do is to download apps through your 3G plan. This can be costly and depending on the quality of the connection, can take up a lot of your time. When using a browser based service instead, the user can connect instantly and this is essential when you’re on the move.

the best online casinos have mobile version that can be accessed by users right away. It’s really convenient to use and you don’t need to have a certain phone to do so. For Android users, there aren’t as many apps available as not all sites want to develop for the range of different devices out there. Until recently, gambling-based apps were not allowed on the Google Play Store either, which made things even harder for users that wanted to download them.

Choice in Gaming

There are very few games not that can’t be played on a mobile device, as it’s the exception rather than the rule. Some live casino games are not entirely compatible without an app, as they’re streamed from a broadcasting area. These games can struggle to render on mobile devices, so there may be a dedicated app from some sites needed to play them.

If you’re not massive on live casino gaming then this won’t present any issues. Then, you can just get down to playing the games that browser based casinos do have, trust us there are still plenty of them to pick from. With more new games coming onto the market, you won’t have any trouble picking ones that you like the look of.

Many casino games also now come with a freeplay function, which again makes things better for the user. It can be quite entertaining to enjoy these on the go, whether you’re playing for real money or not.

If you’re thinking of playing some casino games on your phone then why not have a go? These browser based systems do offer a viable alternative in our book, sometimes even exceeding what we’d expect from an app in terms of performance.