ICO stands for Initial Coin Offering, a crowdfunding method gaining popularity fast in the cryptocurrency industry. ICO startups offer a cryptocurrency with the potential to gain value in exchange for an already established cryptocurrency such as ethereum or bitcoin.

Ethereum popularized ICOs in 2014 raising $18 million in a crowdfunding campaign. Investors who purchased ether coins at the time had no idea the coins would one day be worth more than $500. At the time of the ethereum ICO, one ether coin cost $0.0311. Now, the ether ICO has an ROI of more than 150,000%.

Ethereum’s ICO success story led to the establishment of many ICOs today, including Stratis and Spectrecoin, which have had an ROI of more than 28,000% each.

Top 6 Most Successful ICOs

ICO Coin Price at ICO Current Price ROI (%)
NXT coin $0.0001 $0.112 666,370%
IOTA $0.0001 $1.2 278,555%
Ethereum $0.311 $477 153,290%
NEO $0.032 $40 $124,152%
Stratis $0.007 $3.172 43,509%
Spectrecoin $0.001 $0.231 28,322%

There are more than 50 ICOs with a return on investment of more than 100%, which is probably why they have become a great deal among crypto investors. But as expected, with all the hype surrounding ICOs, a few scam projects have scammed investors and exited the stage.

If you have considered investing in ICOs, it’s worth doing a great deal of research. ICOs have equal chances of success as they do of failure. 48% of ICOs fail, meaning most of the startups only have a 52% chance of success.

Many ICOs are able to crowdfund and develop a project but fail to attract enough adoption to provide profits to investors. As such, even if an ICO is not a scam, it could take months or years before it ever gains enough value to pay you back.

With proper research about an ICO, reading the company's whitepaper, assessing the qualifications of the project's team and much more, you can identify an ICO worth investing in. The following upcoming ICOs are trending throughout ICO review sites. Some have huge bonuses, https://www.abitgreedy.com/ico-bonus/ while others appear underrated. Check them out, do more research and make a wise investment decision.

Anything App

ICO Dates: 11th June- 1st July/July 14th –AUG 13TH

Hard Cap: $6.4 million

Based in the Netherlands, Anything App will be an ethereum-based decentralized app that will connect people with expertise in certain topics with people who need their assistance.

The ICO startup will use a mobile app to list users and their areas of expertise so that when anyone needs them, they can call them or communicate online. If you need to talk to a mechanic, for example, all you have to do is search for a mechanic on the app and talk to him/her.

Unlike most ICOs, this startup won’t be strict about paying using the ANY token when using their platform. Experts can get paid using any other token or FIAT currency. The minimum investment required is ethereum worth $10.

Does Anything App ICO Hold Potential?

The ICO holds a score rating of at least 4/5 in several ICO review sites. The company has so far sold more than 40 million ANY tokens, showing some great potential. The biggest challenge for the ICO will be to beat Google, and all other information sources offered for free of charge.


ICO Dates: April 15- AUG 8th /AUG 15TH-SEP 15th

NYNJA is an ethereum blockchain based application that will be available on both mobile and computer devices. The startup wants to build an operating system customized for e-commerce businesses. The NYNJA OS will also be a decentralized app deployment network and will enable developers to build vibrant apps with multichannel capabilities.

ICO Details

  • Total Supply-3 billion NYNJA coins
  • Toke symbol- NYN
  • Token Price- $0.1
  • Soft Cap- $20 million
  • Hard Cap- $120 million

US citizens are restricted to join NYNJA ICO but everyone else, including investors from countries like China and Sudan, are.

Is there Potential in NYNJA ICO?

The ICO's biggest strong point is its team. Alejandro Gramont, the team president, is a high achiever who has run businesses throughout Europe, the US and Latin America. The second co-founder, Salvatore Guerrieri, is an audio engineer and CEO of an award-winning LED products manufacturer.

In general, the company’s team members are qualified and possess rich experience in their specific domains. Regarding the product, NYNJA has a lot to prove especially because there are lots of dAPP deployment blockchains in the market. However, few of the already blockchain enable multichannel dAPPs, which means NYNJA has a marketable niche they could tap into.


ICO Dates: JUN-AUG 27th

Worldopoly will be a mobile game that combines AI technology with Augmented Reality, the blockchain, and Geopositioning for more enhanced simulations and interactive multi-playing.  The ICO is based on the ethereum blockchain and only accepts ethereum coins for payment.

In addition to playing games, Worldopoly will be a marketplace for gaming products. Products like virtual gaming assets will be sold on a peer to peer platform where smart contracts are used to enable security.

ICO Details

  • Based in Switzerland
  • Token type- ERC20
  • Toke symbol-WPT
  • Hard Cap- $18 million
  • Total Supply-200 million
  • Min Investment (0.01 ETH)

Does Worldoploy hold Potential?

In the past few years, gaming ICOs have been extremely successful. Worldopoly hopes to take advantage of the demand for gaming products by offering more services than competitors do. While there are ICO startups that offer a gaming platform, few of them combine AR, A.I., and blockchain to build the kind of platform Wordopoly hope to build.

The WPT token will also have a lot of services. Games will use it as a currency for trading gaming products, trading with money, register for competitions and a variety of other services.

In Conclusion

There are plenty of ICOs worth checking out in 2018. Most of the hyped ICOs deal with communication, especially where A.I., AR, and machine learning technologies are involved. If you have to invest, do more research. Analyze each ICO carefully and only invest if you are confident in the project being built.


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