How blockchain technology is changing the gaming industry

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Many people have heard of blockchain technology. But only very few people know what exactly is behind it. The blockchain is a type of digital accounting in which all transactions are irrevocably summarized and stored. This technology was developed for the cryptocurrency Bitcoin so that it could not be manipulated. But blockchain is now also used for other cryptocurrencies and in many other areas. The advantage is also that all data is anonymized, which is what most cryptocurrency users want. Therefore, blockchain is also popular in other industries because the technology offers security as well as anonymity. This also applies to luxury casino deposit 1 get 20.

The application of blockchain technology

As mentioned earlier, blockchain technology has good potential to be used in many digital fields. For cryptocurrencies, especially bitcoin, this application technology was created. But practically digital accounting has not only found its way into cryptocurrencies. In industry, too, many companies have already integrated blockchain technology, for example for the management of documents, as well as in the financial world, blockchain is now a matter of course. In addition, blockchain is becoming increasingly popular in the gaming industry. This is because there are good reasons to use it:

  • Transparency for players and gambling providers, as all transactions and histories are stored securely.
  • Security against fraud and manipulation, because data cannot be easily changed or deleted.
  • Faster payouts are made possible.
  • Cryptocurrencies can be offered as a means of payment.
  • The anonymity can be used by players.
  • A larger target group can be addressed.
  • Gambling providers can reduce their costs, which is why players can then achieve higher winnings.

Certainly, blockchain technology can be used well in online casinos. Some casinos are already using this technology and are enjoying a good response. The advantages are obvious for players and cryptocurrencies are becoming increasingly popular as a means of payment. Although it can be assumed that not every online casino will jump on this blockchain bandwagon, certainly some casinos will also use blockchain in the future.

Blockchain advantages at the online casino

Quickly register at the online casino, deposit and enjoy the casino welcome bonus to the fullest while remaining safe and anonymous. This is certainly a nice idea for one or the other casino player. In some casinos, this is already possible, because Blockchain offers the same. Especially the casinos with cryptocurrencies are already at the start with this application technology and thus offer their players not only that they can make deposits and withdrawals with cryptocurrencies. All transactions are stored and can neither be deleted nor manipulated. Now there may be an outcry from some people regarding data protection. But that is not an issue at all with Blockchain. Everything is anonymized, so every player remains anonymous and his transactions are not run and stored under his real name. Besides that, payout processes can run faster, which is probably in the interest of every casino player. However, online casinos, like a benefit from this.

What challenges does the gaming industry face with blockchain?

Where there is sun, there is also shadow. This is true for blockchain in the gambling industry as well. For example, anonymity for players is a great thing. However, licensors and their regulators see it differently. This is because regulators want to prevent anonymity, which is certainly also in the aspect of player protection. In the UK, for example, the UK Gambling Commission requires players to prove that they have enough money to play online. However, this is undermined by blockchain, as anonymity is paramount.

As a result, the use of Blockchain may also hurt gambling providers. This is because additional licensing could become necessary. Money laundering laws must be complied with, and the maintenance of player protection in the sense of responsible gaming must also be fulfilled. With complete anonymity, this is almost impossible to implement.

In addition, players could also be disadvantaged by the use of cryptocurrencies. These currencies are not fixed in terms of value and are sometimes subject to very large fluctuations with sometimes very high losses in value.


Blockchain technology offers very many advantages that can be used very well by online casinos. For casinos and players, it would bring a lot to apply blockchain. This technology is also beneficial in other areas of the gambling industry. However, regulators could throw a wrench in gambling operators' plans to use Blockchain. More licensing could be required for providers, which will certainly have its pitfalls. In principle, the anonymity and security of Blockchain are already very good, but the implementation in the gambling industry is also likely to be associated with hurdles, and not only for the gambling providers.

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