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Contained? The Future of Docker

Suppose that you work on an application day and night. After approximately two months, it’s done and it works really well. In your view, it has the power to lessen the procedural burdens of organizations, regardless of how they are hierarchized or spread out. You are proud of what you’ve achieved. However, when you put it to the test on someone else’s personal computer, you are shocked to find out that it doesn’t look like the streamlined masterpiece that you’ve worked so hard on. Not only that, it ceases to function as expected. This is a horror story that...

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Nokia N900 Phone or Tablet : You Decide!

With next weeks Nokia World Expo looming, the Booklet 3G, Nokia’s product announcement are going full steam ahead with the new N900. First reports were that it was a phone similar to the N97, using the Linux based Maemo OS. Now its an internet tablet.   It will pack the ARM Cortex-A8 processor the same as the Palm Pre and iPhone 3GS.It’ll also pack 1GB of memory for the running of applications such as full Adobe Flash 9.4 for all them online videos you want to watch. OpenGL ES 2.0 graphics will make the phone, i mean tablet powerful in the visual department probably for the games and media content.   Whats gutting is that I got an N97 a month ago and now Nokia who normally announce stuff 10 years in advance so by the time its released its out of date (just like my N97 is now) this is looking at an October release but nothing is definite yet as there’s no price or network carrier as yet.   Full Specs : – ARM Cortex-A8 processor Maemo Linux-based OS 3.5-inch QVGA touchscreen QWERTY keyboard HSDPA Wi-Fi 32GB of storage (expandable to 48GB with microSD) 5MP...

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My first experience of Linux Mint

I am not the most experienced of Linux users, deep down a am a Windows fanboy, not really out of choice though, more due to the fact I was brought up on them, I have always used them, and the fact that Windows is still the ONLY operating system worth gaming on. However I have an old laptop that is generally useless with anything other than browsing the Internet or doing some basic work. It was never going to be a gaming machine so I figured Linux offers everything I need + it should perform better than XP. I originally downloaded Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy Gibbon) and for the past 9+ months it has been a decent little machine. Ubuntu offered all the functionality I needed. Granted I didn't actually need much functionality apart from Firefox, but it did that well. 99% of the time it was used by my Girlfriend to play solitaire or browse the Internet and look at shoes. She doesn't really share my passion of all things geeky. The other 1% of the time was when I had to leave the office for a meeting or go on holiday. Anyway as always I get itchy feet and wanted a change, I was going to upgrade to 8.xx (Hardy Heron) but I decided that was too boring and wanted to try something different. Now the thing with...

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