10Gtek Intel X520-DA1 10Gps SFP+ Lan Adaptor Review & How to get it working on Windows 11

A few years ago, I bought and reviewed the excellent Mikrotik Cloud Smart Switch 326-24G-2S+RM, which provided me with one of the cheapest ways to upgrade my network with 10Gbps LAN connections. Like many enthusiasts, I paired this up with a cheap Mellanox Connectx card. Unfortunately, after upgrading my PC, for whatever reason, I could … Read more

Netgear NBK752 Orbi 5G WiFi 6 Mesh System Review – A WiFi 6 mesh system with a 5G modem & WAN connectivity

At the end of 2020, I reviewed the 4G Netgear Orbi LBR20, we were in some form of tiered lockdown, and both myself and my partner were working from home. During this review, our Virgin fibre went down for a full day, and the 4G failover of the LBR20 saved the day. Netgear has now … Read more

FRITZ!Box 5590 Fiber announced SFP for 10 Gbit/s FTTH connectivity & 2.5GbE LAN. Probably won’t come to the UK

AVM FRITZ!Box routers don’t get a lot of attention in the UK, but they are fantastic devices with a great feature set, including a telephone system for DECT, IP and analogue phones. I am currently in the process of reviewing the FRITZ!Box 4060 WiFi 6 router and the FRITZ!Repeater 6000 WiFI mesh repeater, which should … Read more

Best M.2 NVMe SSD For Cache on a NAS or Server – Synology / TerraMaster / QNAP etc

Following on from my recent TerraMaster upgrade posts, I have been looking at the best SSDs to use in a NAS. I have already covered 2.5″ SATA SSDs, which was the only option for my TerraMaster F4-422. However, if you have built your own server or have a NAS with PCIe M.2 slots, then you … Read more

Netgear WAX630E vs WAX630 vs Ubiquiti UniFi U6-Enterprise Access Points – WiFi 6E becomes more affordable

WiFi 6E has been off to a bit of a slow start, but it looks like this is the year where manufacturers ramp things up and bring prices down. Last week, the Ubiquiti UniFi U6-Enterprise was announced, and this is the first relatively affordable WiFi 6E device that has launched I am aware of. Priced … Read more

TerraMaster F4-422 Upgrade TrueNAS Core to TrueNAS Scale for Docker Compatibility

Following on from my previous posts about upgrading TerraMaster NAS devices with Unraid and TrueNas, this post is about upgrading my TrueNAS Core installation to TrueNAS Scale. My main home server is Ubuntu Server, so I am more familiar with using Linux and Docker than I am with FreeBSD. I also like to try out … Read more

Intel AX411 vs AX211 vs AX210 Wi-Fi 6E Modules Compared – Sadly not Wi-Fi 7 but new Double Connect feature & limited to CNVio2

When I was updating my Wi-Fi drivers for the  Netgear Wi-Fi 6E Orbi RBKE963 review, I came across some new products that Intel had quietly launched, the Intel AX411 and AX211. Both of these products launched at the end of 2021, but there is hardly any information on them, and this comparison is somewhat limited … Read more

Ubiquiti UniFi U6-Enterprise vs U6-Pro vs U6-LR vs U6-Lite – Ubiquiti announces the cheapest Wi-Fi 6E access point

Ubiquiti were a bit slow to adopt Wi-Fi 6, but they made up for it by launching the superb Unifi Wi-Fi 6 Lite, which at the time was by far the best affordable access point you could buy and still is one the best choices. Ubiquiti have therefore surprised me by being one of the … Read more

How to upgrade the TerraMaster F4-422 to TrueNas with an extra 8GB RAM (12GB total) & 5 drives for the ultimate affordable 10Gbps NAS

Following on from my guide to upgrading the TerraMaster F4-421 to Unraid, I have upgraded my TerraMaster F4-422 to use TrueNas Core with an additional 8GB of RAM, providing me with 12GB total. While my TerraMaster F4-421 has a mishmash of old drives, my TerraMaster F4-422 has four 8GB shucked Western Digital drives and a … Read more

How to upgrade the TerraMaster F4-421 to Unraid with an extra 8GB RAM (12GB total) &  5 drives for the ultimate affordable NAS

Over the past two years, I have reviewed the superb 10GbE equipped TerraMaster F4-422 and the more affordable TerraMaster F4-421 NAS devices. TerraMaster, by far, offers the best value for money for the hardware you get. However, the TerraMaster OS isn’t to everyone’s liking. I have used the TerraMaster F4-422 with its TOS for over … Read more

TRENDnet TEG-S750 Fanless 5-Port 10G Switch Launched for £315 (£63 per port)

TRENDnet is continuing heir expansion of affordable multi-gig switches that are ideal for home users and small businesses. TRENDnet TEG-S750 Today they have announced the TEG-S750 and TEG-S762. It is the TEG-S750 that is perhaps the most interesting, I think this is the first proper switch to launch with all 10 gigabit Ethernet ports and be completely … Read more

Zyxel NWA90AX WiFi 6 Access Point Review – The best alternative vs Ubiquiti Unifi 6 Lite

The Zyxel NWA90AX is one of the latest WiFi 6 access points to launch that runs on the Nebula cloud management system. This new access point sits on the affordable end of the spectrum and is ideal for home users and small businesses. You don’t need to install any software, there is no physical cloud … Read more

A Guide to the Different Broadband Technologies

Let’s take a closer look at the different broadband technologies on the market. Wired Broadband Technologies If you didn’t already know, various communication technologies are used to provide broadband for a digital home. This is done with the use of wired tech such as coaxial cable, copper cable, optical fibers, and over power lines. Copper … Read more

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