The popularity of online gambling sphere is increasing very fast, and there are lots of interesting things of our contemporary world, which are make casinos more popular and interesting than it was 50 years ago, for example. Explain that you can play slots for fun no download no registration or card games in virtual reality, or play them everywhere you want with mobile or tablet platforms.

Crypto currencies are very popular nowadays too. The most valuable now is called Bitcoin, today costs over $14000 for one. It's an open secret that Bitcoin is using not only for purchasing things and goods, but in gambling. The main reason why Bitcoin casinos exist is the speed of the transactions, which are very fast and safe. And now, let’s talk about all the pros and cons of the online gambling services which are have Bitcoins as a main withdrawal currency.

Advantages of Using Bitcoin Currency in Gambling

The main advantage of the technology with Bitcoins is that all the transactions are anonymous and don't require from clients their personal information. Due to this fact, all your data will be always in safe. In addition, blockchain technology can protect your personal information not only in gambling, but in the real life too, so knowing it good can help you to be always in safe.

Don't forget about the complete protection of your transactions by not using additional services like in payments throw the credit card. Actually, it will be game on real money, like in ordinary casinos (without any commissions). So, you will send your money directly to the online gambling company. Payment with card can have such a feature which called a third party payment facility that is completely unsafely for your money.

Negative Features of Bitcoin Crypto Currency

With all the advantages, the Bitcoin crypto currency has its own minuses.

As we all know, Bitcoin nowadays, is very unstable kind of payment. Its rate comparing with dollar can change a lot from time to time. So, it will be lots of small problems with depositing or withdrawing your funds. It will be definitely hard for every gambler find a fixed price of Bitcoin. But if you have lots of dollars you can leave one Bitcoin in reserve and this problem will be solved.

The main disadvantage of using Bitcoin as a currency in gambling, is a requirement of huge amount of technical knowledge to safety transfer your money from dollars into Bitcoin and correctly put them in your electronic wallet. You also need to learn how to transfer your Bitcoins to the casino as payment.

Bitcoin is very expensive, so ordinary people can't even buy one of them, but they can play slots with the high RTP and put their money into crypto currencies. If you quiet a rich man, and you don't fear about your savings, pass this point. No one knows the rate of Bitcoins after two or three years, maybe it will fall down and every player will use them as a main gambling currency.

After looking on all pluses and minuses of Bitcoin crypto currency in gambling, you should answer the question about, does it necessary to use them nowadays. The professional gamblers say that all the risks using the crypto currencies compensate lots of positive features that are in there. But, we deffinitely can't resist the fact that Bitcoin is one of the most safety kinds of payment in the world nowadays.