Gambling has never been more popular, both online and at real casinos. While it’s exciting to play at casinos, Casinos to Play have found several gadgets that will make it even more fun for you!

These gadgets are purely for fun but could make for some great gifts for anyone who enjoys gambling. Take a look at them below:

Mini Slot Machine

You can now bring the fun and excitement of a slot machine home! This portable slot machine, which is smaller than those found at regular casinos, allows you to continue playing from the comfort of your own home. You’ll also be playing with the real thing and won’t have to deal with internet connections or anything else!

The mini machine is equipped with its own buttons and level as well as real casino music, flashing lights and the beautiful sound of a jackpot. If you or someone else is a slot fanatic and can’t get enough, this is a gadget is a must!

However, if you don’t want to handle a fully-functioning slot machine you can always buy a mini docking station and lever to turn your iPhone into a slot machine!

Hold’em Poker Gadget

Have you ever been playing poker online only to be disappointed when your internet cuts out leaving you with no way to play? Well, this nifty little gadget will help solve all your problems! The Hold’em Poker Gadget offers you the chance to play against six computer players as well as several different Poker variations.

If that isn’t enough, the gadget features a bright LCD screen as well as some unbelievable sound effects including sounds you’d hear at real-life casinos and a voice announcing the winning hand. You can also select whether you want to play a practice round to hone your skills or jump into a tournament mode. One thing’s for sure, you’ll become a poker champion with the Texas Hold’em Poker Deluxe.

Casino Wrist Watch

Designer Christophe Claret has created three wrist watches themed on casino games poker, baccarat and blackjack. However, each watch also features a fully functional roulette wheel at the back.

Each watch, available in a range of colours, is designed differently, featuring aspects from the game its themed on. For example, the blackjack watch features cards of different suites. The nifty gadget will make sure you’re always on time to play your next casino game while looking stylish.

Poker Tournament Timer

The Official Poker Tournament Timer is a great little device to set time limits to poker tournaments with friends or family. You can set up timers for a variety of poker games including Texas Hold’em, Omaha, H.O.R.S.E. and Stud poker.

The timer is easy to use, allows you to set up increments of one minute up to 99 minutes per session. It features large numbers so everyone at the poker table can see it and operates on one AAA battery!


This gadget is for the aficionados. Shuffle Games’ i-Table uses the latest casino technology to provide you with a unique experience. It combines both online and real-life casino by incorporating touch screens to allow you to make bets and watch the outcome of the game. However, you’re still able to play with real chips and a real-life dealer but the game plays out via the touchscreens.

This means the rounds are played through fast and error-free, allowing you to play more rounds per hour. It’s the perfect gadget for someone who enjoys gambling.


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