Gambling in the UK is huge. In the year ending 2018, it was worth £14.4 billion with a growth rate of 4.5%, and the remote sector or online gambling is worth £5.4 billion with a growth rate of 13.7%. Between 2016 and 2017 the online industry gained a 3% share of the market over traditional mediums.

Slots are an area that has become particularly popular in recent years; their low skill required to start playing, as well as frequent payouts,  are likely factors behind this. This sector saw a 9.3% increase from Apr 2016 – Mar 2017.

While gambling as a whole has grown, the traditional formats are losing out to the online market. The convenience of being able to gamble on things from your computer or phone makes it much more appealing than going into a casino or bookies,  both of which can be quite intimidating for many.

One of the significant advantages of online gaming is the ability to reduce your losses and maximise winnings through the various signup bonuses. On top of that, depending on what your chosen vice is, online gambling can sometimes often superior odds, for example betting on the Grand National, online bookies will pay out for the top 5 places vs 3 or 4 for a brick and mortar shop.

So if you enjoy gambling online, it is better if you have no loyalty between sites, instead, once you have maximised your bonuses, you should move onto someone new and exploit their sign up bonuses. Keeping track of new casinos and what bonuses they are offering will help you maximise your profitability or minimise your loses.

This technique gain popularity in the online bookmaker market a few years ago, many people started making a living off it, using these signup bonuses they could do matched betting and guarantee a win. This is still possible nowadays, but they have made it more difficult.

However, this has led more people to explore the possibilities of guaranteed wins with slots, it is not something I have personally done, so I am not going to suggest you do it, or that you will definitely win. But, different slots have different odds and using various websites you can check the Return to Player (RTP) percentage to maximise your chances. There are some caveats with a high RTP though, online casinos don’t want to give away lots of money for free, so it is likely that this games will have lots of small wins, versus a moderate amount of larger wins. This is not a bad thing though, as this is what you can use to trigger all the sign-up bonuses. So in theory, and don’t hold me to this, if you had a 100% bonus on £100, and played Mega Joker with a 99% RTP, after playing £200 you could walk away with £198 at very low risk.


While I don’t want to say there are guaranteed winning when gambling if you enjoy a flutter online, it is always worth exploring new sites, the best bonuses, and the most profitable games, and by doing this you can maximise your winnings.

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