The online casino industry is growing fast, and because of the high competition, they are doing their best to offer the best gaming products and services. Many people around the world gamble for fun and others for real money. But the most important thing to note is that players need to act smart when playing casino games online. If you join a casino that offers lucrative bonuses and tempts you to join them, you might not get the experience you are looking for. There is more to this than what meets the eye and that’s why we have covered top secrets that online casinos don’t want you to know.

House edge, odds, standard deviation, probabilities……

Online gamblers like to play their favourite games. However, not all games have the same probabilities, odds and the same house edge. If you really want to understand how gambling works, you have to understand how these terms apply. It is important for players to carefully select what games to play and compare them to their respective variants. You should also note that some casinos games have fixed odds, whereas others, with proper gaming techniques and skills, allow players to lower the house edge to a minimum. Aside from that, some casinos have lower standard deviation whereas others have higher. If a player is familiar with these terms and how they work, they will enjoy playing casino games and even make money when playing real money casino games.

Lower house edge games

One thing that online casinos don’t want you to know is that they don’t want customers to play casino games that have a lower house edge because players have a higher advantage at these games. As we stated above, some casino games of skill like Craps, video poker and blackjack have a lower house edge when compared to other games like slots which are mainly based on luck. Aside from that, some game variety or bets within these casino games can offer low house edges. For instance, Blackjack Single Deck variant has a house edge that starts from 0.46 percent. The difference is 52 cards. This lowers the house edge and if a player employs the right betting strategy, and with a nice bonus in place, they can win big money. The house edge of Craps is also lower and in combination with Don’t Pass bet, it is about 0.45 percent.

Bonus hunting

Another thing that they don’t want is players chasing bonuses and making deposits only when they find a good bonus. In short, online casinos don’t want players that play casino games just to make a positive outcome from the bonus. What these players do is calculate the wagering requirement of a particular bonus and the expected amount they would win or lose on their bet. Over time, the expected value of the bonus increases. This means that they increase their advantage over that of the casino.

Jackpot counters and jackpot winners

Online casinos want to spread the word of jackpot winners so that they can tempt you to join and play the games. You will often see them boasting about their progressive jackpot winners and the amount of money they have given to lucky players, all in an effort to entice you so that you can join. You may also find online casinos that have a section with success stories of jackpot winners. This prompts you to join the casino, deposit money and go for the progressive games. Jackpot counters have a similar effect. When you visit most online casino and go to the progressive games section, you will often see jackpot counters that display the current jackpot amount. As the amount increases every second, you are tempted to hit that progressive.

They don’t want players who are on a winning to quit playing

Yes, most online casinos don’t want players who are winning to quit playing their casino games and walk away. Do you know why? Because if you quit when you are ahead, you have actually won. Here is a good example. Let’s say you start with a budget of $400. While playing your favorite games, you earn $1,400. At this point, your level of greed increases and you do more. So, you continue wagering. You are now ahead, but you start losing and in an effort to recover, you lose the whole $1,400. That’s why it is recommended to quit the game when you are ahead.

Betting systems

Online casinos love players who believe they have a formula or betting system to beat the casino or win the game. In fact, they will pick you up in a luxurious limo and give you the best treat ever if you show them your betting system. Well, the reason behind this is that online casinos are mathematically built and although they offer low house edge games and high payback percentages, they are still going to win in the long run. Besides, many betting systems have been developed since the beginning of gambling but there is no betting system that works.