With the advancement of internet technology, online casinos have grown in popularity. From virtual poker to thousands of different slot machines, players can choose from a large variety of games without leaving their couch or armchair. If you have taken the time to learn both American and UK rules and regulations for online casino play, then it is time to check out some of this year’s hottest online casino gambling trends before you search for a new game.

1. A Rise in Skill Games

Many online casino games are those of luck, especially when it comes to slots. However, the demand for more skill games has given rise to a larger variety of choices, including online poker. These types of games either pit you against virtual opponents or other players who are logged onto a gaming site. Many online casinos are adding these games to appeal to those who enjoy the logistic skill and knowledge needed to play poker, so you will likely see many new games like this pop up in the near future.

2. Virtual Reality

One attraction of real casinos is that you can wander in them for hours, enjoying different types of games as you win money and enjoy the sights and sounds of the exciting environment. The click of slot reels, the pulse-racing sound of a jackpot bell, and the overall chatter of a casino is something many gamers want online sites to offer when they sign in. Virtual reality technology may soon allow you to experience everything that makes a real casino such a unique place.

While only a few sites currently offer this technology, a variety of online sites are likely to adopt it in the coming months. With it, you will be able to tour many different casinos without ever leaving your home. If you are looking for a more lifelike experience while gambling online, then consider investing in a VR kit that will allow you to interact with other players, dealers, and games.

3. Licensed Pop Culture Slots

If you are a younger gamer who enjoys slot games connected with pop culture, such as those now being offered by Blueprint Gaming, you will probably be excited about a rising trend in licensed games that feature television and movie characters. From classic shows such as the 1960s-era “Batman” to today’s acclaimed AMC series “The Walking Dead,” new titles are being debuted in online casinos all over the web. Most are digital machines that feature video and audio clips from the shows, along with themed gaming that makes playing these slots a fun and exciting experience.

4. Higher Engagement

Many online casinos are improving user experience by allowing players to become more engaged with the virtual environment. Weekly bonuses, personalized registration options, and leaderboards for each game will likely be utilized over the next year to draw in new players. Keeping registered users updated about new games and features through social media and newsletters will also likely grow in popularity. Sites such as Cashino are already taking advantage of these engagement methods, which might keep you returning to the site to try new games and win extra prizes.

5. More Table Games

An increase in table games has been a hot trend in 2018, which is good news if you want more variety in the types of gambling at your online casinos. Different versions of roulette are premiering at many sites, including Euro and American roulette. Some of these games have penny versions available, which means you can play without breaking your gaming budget.

Today’s online gaming sites are growing and offering a huge array of slot, roulette, and poker games that beckon you to try your luck. As technology continues to grow, it is likely that online casinos will expand with it, ushering in a whole new set of exciting gambling trends.


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