8b Easy Website Builder – Make Your Free Website

I have worked in the web design/development industry for years, back when I started the business I worked for would sell static HTML websites for thousands and basic ASP dynamic websites for much more. Times have changed though and getting your own website has never been easier. WordPress dominates the landscape, and it is what … Read more

Accepting Online Donations on WordPress is Now Easier than Ever Before

WordPress has long had a reputation of being one of the easiest platforms to monetize. Recent changes have made it even easier to accept donations than before. Some of these changes have involved regulators, who’ve been increasingly friendly to charitable organizations. Tax policies have shifted somewhat as well, which is making it easier for nonprofit … Read more

Do you ever wonder why your WordPress site runs slow or keeps getting hacked?

Back when I first got into web development the idea of having your own website was a complex and/or costly affair. HTML websites were hand-coded with the design elements contained in tables and WordPress didn’t even exist. Following its launch back in 2003, WordPress saw quick growth within the blogging community due to licencing terms … Read more