What Features are Most Common in Smart Speakers?

The term “smart” is the right term to use when describing the latest advancement in the development of smart speakers. Smart speakers play your favorite music, automatically control the electronic components of your home, and give answers to questions asked verbally by anyone inside of a house. According to the audio experts at Selby, smart … Read more

Sonos Arc vs Beam vs Playbar – Sonos finally updates the Playbar for serious home cinema with eArc offering Dolby Atmos and TrueHD

Sonos was doing smart speakers before they were a thing, and they do them well with some incredible options. However, when it comes to home cinema, they have been flagging behind. The soundbar market has boomed as people realise they can get the benefit of a multi-speaker system from just one device. Sonos first introduced … Read more

JBL Link View Review – A Google Assistant Smart Display with excellent audio

With the success of the Amazon Echo Show, it was inevitable that Google and others follow suit with their versions. With Google, this came via third parties initially in the form of the LG Smart Display and the JBL Link. This has now been complemented by Googles own Home Hub and the newly announced LG … Read more

Sonos Beam – Finally a Sonos soundbar with HDMI

Sonos produce some great speakers, and the soundbar and soundbase are superb options if you have invested in Sonos already. The problem with them is that they use optical and if you are a movie geek this is not the best option for audio as it isn’t compatible with some audio standards. Sonos have finally announced … Read more

Apple Announces Homepod, its Siri smart speaker

With the success of the Amazon Echo and Google Home, it comes as no surprise that Apple has unveiled their own smart speaker that integrates Siri. The Homepod has the same dumpy cylinder shape as Google Home, but it covered in a woven speaker grill style mesh. It is much more attractive than the Echo, … Read more