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How to Stop Spam Originating from Your VPS

Virtual Private Servers are useful for anyone that runs a website. They offer capable isolated systems with appropriate RAM, storage, and bandwidth. The outstanding performance capabilities and ensured continuous accessibility are a bonus as it doesn’t limit page growth. When one uses VPS, they usually have a server for email purposes. While this is useful for businesses, a drawback is that they can be exploited by malicious users through outdated plugins or base installs. Failure to regularly update the software leads to unwanted spam, which is a problem as it can lead to your IP being blacklisted. Thankfully, there’s...

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WP Engine Review

Recently we decided to experiment with moving our hosting from a reasonably expensive unmanaged dedicated server with Pound Host, to WP Engine, a WordPress hosting specialist. While the Pound Host server has been excellent we use it for other sites and it has started to slow down over time, especially as Mighty Gadget is constantly growing. Because the site is growing we also wanted a more reliable and secure solution, and this is one of the main reasons why we have been experimenting with WP Engine. WP Engine works out to be quite expensive, even compared to a dedicated...

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