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Top 10 Best Home Automation Systems of 2018

Home automation systems allow homeowners better control over their environments and more idea of what types of energy they are using and why. Home automation systems as a whole are designed to take some of the strain from homeowners – instead of worrying about whether or not they have locked their doors or left their lights on, they can simply send a signal to their home systems, and everything will be done for them. Home automation is now more than simply a guide to electric linear actuators. Home automation is something which began with the basics of linear actuators,...

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Heat Genius Rebrands to Genius Home with Launch of updated products and App

Heat Genius/Genius Home may not be the biggest name in smart home heating but in my opinion, last year was that it was the best one on the market currently. What made it stand out from the rest of the competition was the smart thermostats allowing you to assign heating schedules for specific rooms, rather than just the whole house. It wasn’t without its downsides, though. The App interface was ugly and a bit confusing. Some of the hardware looked a bit clunky compared to its competitors too. The company seems to have taken these criticisms on board and...

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Heat Genius – Initial Impressions / Review

** Update – Heat Genius have been in touch regarding the new App, more info at the bottom of this post ** Heat Genius are a well-established but comparatively small smart heating company based in the UK. Founded by a couple of UK businessmen it is very much a home grown product. In order to differentiate themselves from their massive competitors such as Nest and Hive, they opted to focus on not just on making the boiler smart, but zoning the whole house using smart Thermostatic Radiator Valves (TRVs). This zoning approach is a much more logical solution for...

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Tado Smart Thermostat Review: Is it the best alternative to the Nest? Score 85%

Tado Smart Thermostat Review: Is it the best alternative to the Nest?

Following Google's acquisition of Nest Labs, smart thermostats have received quite a lot of attention, however, unless you live in the USA you won't be able to get a Nest. There is little point importing one either becuase they don't typically don't work with our boilers and require complex hacks to get it functional. So if you are wanting a smart thermostat in the UK you are left with a choice of Tado, or Hive by British Gas. Today I will be reviewing Tado, which on paper seems like a better device than both the Nest and Hive as...

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