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HP confirms Pre 3 for August UK release

DNet UK, HP’s head of the Personal Systems Group in the United Kingdom, Paul Hunter confirmed that the Pre 3 would be released in the UK sometime in August. He was mum on an exact date, but as it looks right now, the Pre 3 is likely to be in British hands well before Americans will get to do more than read about it. The HP web os sales site for the Pre 3 lists the phone as being available for pre-order unlocked for £399.99, a bit dear for a phone whose specs have slipped to barely mainstream since they were announced six months ago. HP is beating the bushes for developers to get their Pre 3 apps in for approval as soon as possible along with releasing an updated emulator. HP released the Pre 2 to Europe before it was made available in the States. At that time it appeared the US GSM carriers were a bit skittish about taking on the phone since it was early in the assimilation of Palm by HP, and there were already rumors swirling about the Pre 3. Now, HP may want to build buzz for the phone in the UK that the HP marketers hope will pull the phone out of the backwash that the upcoming Droid Bionic and iPhone 5 will create in the US . Time will...

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New theme and the end of the blog neglect!

Unfortunately we have been neglecting the blog a lot this year, it is only myself that contributes to the blog at the moment and I have been extremely busy with my company Dolphin Promotions. I have been trying to find a new member of staff and until then I am doing 2 peoples job, we have also been looking for new offices which takes up a surprising amount of time and therefore have not had much chance to blog here or the SEO Blog for Dolphin. Finally things seem to be getting close to being sorted, we are in the final stages of sorting the office and hopefully we have found someone who fits the bill for the job role. I am hoping to be able to blog a little more and to get back into things I have decided to update the theme with a template our designers created. The old theme seemed to have a few problems in IE and lots of other little irritating issues so instead of fixing them I am starting a fresh. Unfortunately there is no branding yet but we will get around to it! Overall I think the theme is a good choice, its nice and bright and there are less sidebars allowing for more room for the blog text to spread out. I am also considering implementing some adsense on to...

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