Author: Adam Barkhuizen

Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015) Premiere and Review

Here’s a confession upfront: I’m a total dork for Marvel, movies, and for Marvel movies. I’d also, in spite of all my years of fandom, never made it to a premiere before, and so when the opportunity arose to attend the European unveiling of Age of Ultron, you can imagine… it was kind of a huge deal, guys. And on that front, it certainly didn’t disappoint – the colossal event, at Vue Westfield in London, was attended by all the key cast and crew, and it was a totally surreal and amazing experience to see these stars (or shall...

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What to Look For in a Gaming Laptop

Gaming laptops are becoming more and more popular by the day. New technology is making it easier for laptops to replace desktops, with laptops being portable it makes gaming on laptops more appealing. Although I doubt that PC will suffer lack of demand from gamers, since the PC platform provides a superior quality of gaming graphics compared to gaming consoles. Gaming laptops will still be in high demand will their sleek design and also being able to offer full performance of a powerful desktop computer. So what do you need to look for in a gaming laptop to make...

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Monster Ntune Headphones; Nick Cannon’s Vision

The Monster Ntune headphones have been designed by Nick Cannon himself, which brings the headphones an entertainment edge. They come in a range of candy colours that will bring music and style to your life. Nick Cannon brought his NCredible ideas to Monster so he could share them with the rest of the world. Together with Monster they have worked together to design a pair of headphones that have a unique design and provide NCredible sound. The Ntune headphones have been designed with the user in mind, they have soft durable ear pads with a light weight design so...

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