Zune HD hitting the States in September

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September 15th. Mark it in your diaries. Thats the date some leaked Zune packaging was bearing. It’s the PMP we’re all waiting for(if you’re one of these that don’t like Apple especially). Piece by piece fanboys have tried to source the clues and got Microsoft to spill the proverbial beans.

The OLED toting PMP looks nice. It’s specs sound nice, c’mon you know it cant disappoint can it? Well unfortunately the September 15th date is only for the States and Microsoft are keeping quiet as to when us Brits will get a go of it and we havent even got the first Zune which was realeased nearly 3 years ago and has had several models since then too.

Also there’s still no news on a price but a lot of rumours are flying round the £150 mark. C’mon Microsoft pull your finger out and let us limeys in.


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