Zeek is a new mobile app that has launched in the UK which allows you so solve the issue of unwanted gift cards.

Zeek allows you to take your unwanted gift cards that you receive at Christmas and birthdays, and list them on their market place for other users to buy. As a buyer Zeek allows you to find vouchers for a specific shop you want to buy something from and get them at a reduced rate.

Typically the saving for a buyer or loss for a seller is around 10-20% and vouchers can be electronic or physical.

The mobile app is extremely easy to use, when you load it up it shows all the current hot vouchers, and you can go to the search icon and search for specific brands or buy hot, new, largest discount or category.  Once you have selected your voucher you can pay via card or paypal. My main gripe with the system is that there is no web version, as I like to buy stuff via a computer where typing in my card details is easier, but this is not a major issue, and the app does work really well.

During my testing I bought £55 worth of Argos voucher (which I put towards a BBQ) for £49. In my case the voucher was physical and Zeek advertise that it can take 7 working days to be delivered, however it was with me in 3.

Overall I found the experience to be fantastic, I don't particularly get a lot of gift cards myself but it will be a great way to get an easy discount at selected shops whenever I am planning on buying something.

You can download Zeek here and if you use the code 2qjdt5 we will both get a free £10 credit to our account.


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