Yale’s smart lock hub lets you unlock Conexis L1 smart locks remotely

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Have you ever needed to let someone in while you are out? Perhaps a partner has lost their keys, or maybe you need to let someone in to do some home improvements while you are at work.

If you have one of Yale's smart locks such as the Conexis L1 and Keyless Connected you can now do this using their new smart lock hub. The Yale Module 2 will be able to open your door remotely from anywhere in the world using the app – perfect for letting in early house guests!

For added security, you can also opt to receive instant notifications to let you know if your door is unlocked and easily keep track of who comes and goes with an activity log feature that records when the lock is operated and by who.

The system will work seamlessly to Yales smart home alarm so when you unlock the door, the alarm system is disabled too.

The Yale smart home products are fully compatible with Alexa, Z-Wave and Samsung SmartThings so you can integrate the locks and alarms into a wider smart home network

The Conexis L1 Smart Door Lock costs £199 via Amazon while the Keyless Connected Smart Lock is just £119. The Yale Module 2 costs £39.98




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