Xbox One controllers will be compatible with PC in 2014

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If, like us, you think the Xbox controller is the best controller for the PC (if not using mouse and keyboard) then you will be happy to hear that the new Xbox one controller will be compatible once the drivers have been released in 2014

Unlike current 360 controllers which are only compatible if they are wired, or with an adapter, all One controllers should be compatible as they all have a wired mode using microUSB.

“As we've stated, the Xbox One controller, although it looks similar in many ways, shares no underlying technology with the current Xbox 360 controller. New wireless protocol, combined with the ability to work in ‘wired' mode, and the addition of features like Impulse triggers, means that new software has to be written and optimized for the PC,” the representative told CVG . The representative also said work must go into ensuring existing games supporting Xbox 360 controllers also support the Xbox One game pad.


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